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Be cleverer and escape the mainstream. Skoda Kamiq’s tech specs unpacked.

Red Skoda Kamiq

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that buying a new car these days is hard. And it’s got nothing to do with having too much choice. It’s to do with breaking free from the mainstream. Deviating from the norm with a new car purchase is becoming difficult because the market is saturated with predictable choices. Getting the same car as your neighbour is no longer dinner conversation material. It’s boring. The exception to this dilemma has arrived. And it’s called the Kamiq. 

Intrigue from the outset 

Don’t be fooled, the Kamiq isn’t just another crossover. Far from it. It’s part of Skoda’s latest push forward on providing the hungry European market with a clever car that really does it all. Something to keep in the city, but let loose on the weekend for some (genuinely) fun driving. At the dinner-party it’s the new-car-story, but with a twist. But no more teasing. It’s time to see what this new Czech baby has to offer. 

Your top 6 Skoda Kamiq conversation-starters

Knowing what to talk about when you’re considering buying a new car is important. Not only does it help to know your stuff at the dinner party, but it’ll go a long way in impressing your car-fanatic mates who basically run on horsepower. Here are your Skoda Kamiq specifications talking points:

1. Talk about how it’s designed to be different

The dynamism of the Kamiq is accentuated by the design. Commanding front split headlights sculpt the face of the car, making for a refined yet honest, no-nonsense bonnet. It’s slightly stocky body gives it an air of capability, if you’re familiar with the suite of Skoda SUVs you’ll know the Kamiq is the younger brother of the Kodiaq and Karoq. But the Kamiq isn’t just a puzzle piece in a larger fleet, it’s got its own personality; it’s own pizazz.

2. Explain its sports chassis control 

This optional chassis control system activates ‘sport mode’ lowering the car 10mm and tightens up the ride with electronic shock absorbers. Yeah. Not bad. Basically, the ride is transformed from normal mode into something else. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference too, the car’s size actually allows for some old fashioned fun. No way would you think you’re in an SUV.

3. Brag about how good it’ll be driving down south 

With SUV-style ride height, the driving position is as commanding as ever. Just what you want when the road turns to leaves. And that’s the beauty of the Kamiq, it’s a sensible ride, it’ll handle any country road, even when things get a bit slippery. Somehow mud streaks don’t look out of place either. With 400 litres of boot space, there’s enough space for the big esky, all the baggage, and an extra tent. Speaking of space, this car positively stuns the nearest competition with extra comfy back row seats making the longer drives spacious and smooth.

4. Gloat over its smart infotainment system

Infotainment and technology is always a good point to bring up. Just like getting a new phone warrants a little speech, the Kamiq has its own neat little bundle of surprises. Here are the quick facts: 

  • 9.2-inch touch screen (higher trims). Super responsive and straightforward to use. 
  • Smart 10.25-inch, virtual cockpit featuring 5 clever display modes. 
  • Internet connection thanks to the built-in eSim card. 
  • Dual zone climate control.
  • USB-C ports (so modern) Apple CarPlay, Android Auto plus wireless charging. 

5. Rave about fuel stats

Surprise the person who asks you about fuel with the detailed answer: the Skoda Kamiq specifications list boasts a combined fuel consumption of 4.7 to 5.0 l/100 km. For a car that easily fits into the SUV range, that’s top-notch. What does that translate to in the real world? Basically, you’ll be matching the range of any larger SUV with a bigger fuel tank, and if you drive smart expect to get close to 1000km before you splutter to a halt.

6. Remind everyone how clever Skoda is

Umbrellas hidden inside doors and sneaky pockets all over the place, plus that profanity saving windscreen fluid funnel, you feel like you’re in some elaborate magic trick. Skoda Kamiq specifications are all about celebrating the fun details, and you’ll find that across the range. With a do-it-all attitude, the crossover really does stick up for itself in an SUV-saturated market.

Need more talking points to sell this car to your friends? Here’s why it’s both Luxurious and Capable. The Ultimate Skoda Kamiq Review.

Safer than safe

The Skoda Kamiq safety specifications make it a very safe car. With 9 airbags, it also boasts some pretty snazzy safety specs including a rear traffic monitoring system that can detect hazards up to 70 metres away. With up-to-date driver-assist functions like a smart blind spot assist, and rear parking sensors keeping yourself and the car safe is both effortless and smooth. 

Plush interior 

Stepping inside the Kamiq there’s a sense of well-executed minimalism, the infotainment bravely has no buttons or knobs to turn – it’s all touchscreen, everything is where it should be and visibility is impressive too. Not a surprise really, given the boxiness of the car.

Which one should I get?

For the sportier trim and extra power, you’re going to want to upgrade to the Limited or the Monte Carlo. You’ll get a bustling top speed with the turbocharged engine, a panoramic sunroof, and with a sports steering wheel, you can feel the extra horsepower happily tugging away in front of you. That being said, if you’re after a bargain – the lower-trim Kamiq is bristling with perks and for the price outguns the competition with some serious talent. Get to know this car more. Book your test drive today.

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