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The all new ŠKODA KAROQ is designed to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re taking a family road trip through the country, or shooting down to the grocery store, this compact SUV has the features you need to ensure complete comfort and a superb driving experience.


Be among the elite and experience the all-new 5-seater SUV that’s changing Australia’s SUV market. The ŠKODA KAROQ.

ŠKODA Karoq Design

SKODA Karoq Interior

Taking inspiration from SKODA’s heritage of Czech crystal, the new SKODA KAROQ showcases fantastic levels of refinement. The interior offers plenty of features including a central, glass touchscreen – 8.0 inches as standard, with an option to go to 9.2 inches, at the heart of the dash.


The interior has been carefully considered to provide everything you need within easy reach. From door pocket bins and drink holders, to the practical, yet beautiful digital display, the SKODA KAROQ feels very sleek and sophisticated.

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SKODA Karoq Exterior

We’ve turned the car into a cockpit. The beautiful, yet practical digital display takes all the information you need and puts it where you need it most – right in front of your eyes. Be it driving information, navigation, infotainment or communication services, it’s all there, all the time.

A dynamic Digital Display Panel shows you everything you need to know when driving, including information on speed, fuel consumption, and navigation, making your drive as convenient as possible.  You can choose from four layouts, controlled via the View button on the multifunctional steering wheel – the Classic view, Extended view, Modern view and Basic view (suitable during night driving or on the motorway).

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SKODA Karoq Features

Lane Assist (Optional)

Stay on the right track. An additional travel pack option, Lane Assist uses a camera positioned in the rear view mirror unit to recognise lane markings actively. If you begin to stray from your lane, the SKODA KAROQ will take corrective action to steer you gently back on course. If you need to take additional action, the system will also send visual and audible messages.

Seven Airbags

The new SKODA KAROQ is packed with safety features to keep you feeling secure on your journey. From Adaptive Cruise Control that uses radar sensors on the front grille to monitor the vehicle and automatically accelerate and brake to a complement of seven airbags in the front, rear, sides, driver’s knee, and curtain to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected in the event of a collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you think you know cruise control, think again, because the new KAROQ makes it a whole lot smarter.  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically brakes and accelerates based on your own speed and distance settings. It uses a radar sensor located on the front grille of the car, providing a safe and easily manageable distance between you and other cars. a safe buffer between you and the car in front.


A smartphone needs a smart car, and the new SKODA KAROQ is undoubtedly smart. The Skoda SmartLink Connectivity features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to allow seamless connection of selected apps from your smartphone. Your smartphone display can be mirrored to the internal display so you can receive directions or listen to music without needing to touch your phone.

Cockpit Control

Skoda has given the Karoq an all new virtual cockpit to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. The digital display puts all the information you need in front of your eyes. From navigation and infotainment, to driving data and communication services. You can have access to the information you need, when you need it.
The Digital Instrument Panel provides a driver friendly overview that displays all onboard computer specifications and other significant information. Additionally, there is a choice of four layouts that can be controlled using the steering wheel mounted View button; Classic view, Modern View, Extended view, and for night driving the Basic view.

Varioflex Seats

While the Skoda Karoq may be a small SUV, it is certainly big on space. The VarioFlex seating system uses three back seats that can be completely removed or independently folded down according to your needs. This creates a massive 1,605 litres of cargo space with the three seats folded that can be increased to 1,810 litres if you take them out completely. So whether you’re planning a cross country adventure or need to move some bulky items across town, you’ll have plenty of space in your new Karoq.

Engine & Gearbox

Power Fuel Engine Transimssion Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h Max Speed Fuel Tank Luggage Cap. Min/Max
66 kW Petrol 1.2 TSI 5sp Manual 10.9 seconds 182 km/h 45L 300 l / 1.150 l
81 kW Petrol 1.2 TSI 7sp DSG 9.4 seconds 196 km/h 45L 300 l / 1.150 l

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Modern, dynamic and economical, the 4-cylinder 110kW TSI engine come with 8-speed. Win. Win. And, you guessed it, win.



The VarioFlex seating system is made up of three back seats which can be independently folded down or completely removed, giving you plenty of options. With all three of the rear seats folded down, you gain a boot capacity of 1,605 litres. Remove them altogether and your boot space levels up to 1,810 litres – you’ll have all the space you’ll ever need.


Škoda Karoq FAQ

The Skoda Karoq has a 1.4 litre four-cylinder petrol engine, with 110kW of power and 250Nm of torque.

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Yes, Park Assist is available in the Skoda Karoq.

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Height 1603mm
Width 1841mm
Length 4382mm
Wheelbase 2638mm
Weight 1353kg
Tyre size 215/55 R17
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It certainly does – and it’s highly efficient, something you may not expect from something labelled as turbocharged. But with 110kW of power and 250Nm of torque and a fuel economy of 6.6L/100km, you can’t question it.

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The Skoda Karoq has ample boot space, and the VarioFlex seating means you have the option for even more litres back there. Enjoy 52i litres of space; fold the seats down for 1605 litres or completely remove them for 1810 litres of space for everything you’ll ever need.

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The Skoda Karoq base model comes with an abundance of driver tech to give you the best driving experience possible. Enjoy features such as wireless smartphone connectivity, superb Canton sound system, adaptive cruise control, and much more, all from Skoda’s virtual cockpit.

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With a 5 star ANCAP safety rating and all of the latest safety technology, the Karoq is as safe as it gets. 

Enjoy features such as Side Assist – Blind Spot Detection, Lane Assist, Park Assist, Rear Traffic Alert, and fatigue detection, plus. Seven airbags throughout the cabin will keep you safe in the event of an accident.

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The Skoda Karoq uses Unleaded Petrol.

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The Skoda Karoq is built in the Czech Republic and shipped to Australia. Skoda proudly delivers the best in European design and technology, and the Karoq is no exception.

Category: Skoda KAROQ FAQs1

We recommend servicing your Skoda vehicle every 12 months or 15,000km, depending on which one comes first. Servicing is important in ensuring the smooth running of your Karoq.

Category: Skoda KAROQ FAQs1

The Skoda Karoq does not have a sunroof, however the Skoda Kodiaq does have a sunroof.

Category: Skoda KAROQ FAQs2

The Skoda Karoq has a 110kW/250Nm 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine.

Category: Skoda KAROQ FAQs2

Skoda is owned by the Volkswagen group, so the platform is based off the Volkswagen Group MQB platform – however, similarities stop there. The Karoq is a unique force to be reckoned with and an ideal compact family SUV that drives like a dream.

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The Skoda Karoq is a more compact and efficient car. A size smaller than the VW Tiguan, the Karoq is an ideal choice for families at a more affordable price.

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We may be biased, but the Skoda Karoq’s innovative tech, highest quality safety, and modern appearance makes it the preferred choice. 


But don’t take our word for it – come down and take the Karoq for a test drive to see for yourself.

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The Skoda Karoq is a highly dependable family SUV. With the highest quality tried and tested engines and a five star ANCAP rating, you can trust the Karoq to get you where you need to go, and to do so in style.

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The Skoda Karoq is AWD.

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Luxury and compact, the Skoda Karoq is designed to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a daily driver or weekend getaway car, the Karoq has you covered. A 5 seater SUV, the Karoq has plenty of space and a cabin full of the latest in-car tech, in addition to innovative safety features and flexible seating arrangements.

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