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The Ultimate Skoda Kamiq Review 2022

Skoda Kamiq Red Colour - Skoda Kamiq Review

For its size, the Skoda Kamiq has burst onto the scene in style, delivering a supremely comfortable and technology-driven drive. As the third addition to the Skoda small SUV family, the Kamiq offers the most affordable and smallest option over the other two ‘Ks’ – the Karoq and Kodiaq. The compact SUV is aptly named after an Inuit word which roughly translates to “second skin”, or “something that fits perfectly” which can be taken in a number of ways. The first is that this easy driving SUV will almost certainly be easy to slip into and integrate with your daily life, and secondly, because it offers a dual personality of an agile compact car, whilst delivering the usual capabilities of an SUV.

If you’re wanting a full  Skoda Kamiq review and breakdown of the clean and smooth driving experience that the Skoda Kamiq has to offer, grab a coffee, settle in and read on.

Skoda Kamiq Review – At A Glance

Skoda Kamiq
Engine 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol 
Power 110kW
Torque 250Nm
Acceleration 0-100km/h 9.9 seconds
Boot Space 400 litres / 1395 litres
Fuel Economy 5.6L/100km
Towing Capacity (braked) 1200kg

Based on the Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI model

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Smooth Engine Performance


Skoda Kamiq Review

Featuring a sensible and capable 1.5L turbo-petrol four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, the Kamiq gives you a solid and respectable performance on the roads. Being an ideal family car, the Kamiq has well-weighted steering helping you to glide along the city landscape with ease. One of the standouts, as you begin to test the engine a little further, is how remarkably quiet the engine remains, allowing you to breathe a little deeper with its relaxing ride.

Even when you really have to give the engine a bit more a rev, the car responds well and remains smooth. If you’re someone looking for more of a sporty performance, you have the option of adding a sports chassis to replace the standard chassis. This helps you to navigate specific comfort settings in the mode menu, and tightens up the car’s suspension a bit.

Upmarket Interior Design

Skoda Kamiq Review

The cabin of the Skoda Kamiq has made some serious strides for the Skoda interior design handbook, with some elegant and more upmarket features inside. You might have to keep reminding yourself of the Kamiq’s market segment, thanks to the level of detail and little pops of luxury such as the perforated leather situated just behind the door handles on the interior.

For the climate control inside, Skoda again leans more towards that luxury look, adding a nice chrome finish to the physical buttons and knobs. For the Kamiq SE model, you’ll have some extra glossy black trim on both the dashboard and centre console. On the high-spec SE L trim level version of the Kamiq, you’ll get a sleek silver metal-effect interior trim on the door inserts, as well as a beefed-up infotainment system. The usual analogue dials are replaced with a digital driver’s display in this model as well. You can then configure this screen to show relevant driving information, digital dials or a handy sat-nav display.

Greater Connectivity Options

No Skoda Kamiq review is complete without looking at connectivity. The Skoda Kamiq’s entry-level 6.5-inch infotainment display screen is conveniently located quite high up on the dashboard, making that glance at it while driving more easy and safe. The usual DAV digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity are all on deck here, being an industry-standard these days. However, it’s the ability to use your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that’ll perk up the ears of tech-lovers, giving you greater connectivity options without getting tangled up in any cables.

Thanks to its e-SIM feature, the Kamiq is connected online at all times, allowing for over-the-air updates. You’ll be pressed to find another car in its class that has a nice ambience behind the wheel of the Kamiq.

Comfortable and Safe Handling

The grip levels in the Skoda Kamiq are significantly high, leaving you with quite a precisely refined and comfortable ride. The car is also nicely resistant to understeering, and as established earlier provides a solid level of weighting in the steering. When you’re behind the wheel itself, the driving seat provides a comfortable and suitable position for all different sizes of drivers.

Safety First

Another part of the intelligent design of the Kamiq comes in form of the door-edge protection, which is the first time a vehicle in its class has offered this. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief with this feature as you’ll be protecting the car and vehicles parked next to it when opening your doors in those, particularly tight car parks.

The base model also has a number of nice safety features to add to this handling experience, including the lane assist, front assist with the city emergency brake and multi-collision brake. Plus, you’ll finally be able to rely on the advice of a backseat driver you can trust, with the predictive pedestrian protection monitoring the area in front of your car, helping to alert you when a pedestrian with their eyes glued to their phone steps out in front of you. The car will apply the brakes automatically if you fail to react in time, or will even bring the car completely to a halt to avoid an accident.

Family Size Legroom & Boot Space

Many compact cars over exaggerate the minimal boot space that they actually offer, which can often lead to disappointment when you end up cramming your new IKEA furniture into the back. Luckily, the boot of the Skoda Kamiq is built for 400L, which upgrades to 1395L with the rear seats down. This provides ample room for you to load up the boot for a good road trip, whilst still giving you room to hold four adults comfortably.

You’ll also find a nod to Skoda’s “Simply Clever” tagline, with the boot holding a torch, and the door holding an umbrella. Now you’ll never worry about that mad dash to the shops after you forgot to bring an umbrella for the 100th time.

The designers at Skoda are also chuffed with their market-leading rear legroom space of 730mm, so you won’t have to worry about having your legs up around your ears when you hop in the back. Even if you’ve got kids that are on the taller side, you could save yourself a fair bit of money by going for the Kamiq over the larger Skoda Karoq.

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Perth City Skoda

Trust us when we say you’ll want to take this comfortable and roomy Skoda Kamiq for a test drive with the whole family when this car hits Perth.  If this Skoda Kamiq review hasn’t convinced you, feel free to book in a time to come and see our specialists at Perth City Skoda to ask us all of your burning questions, have a Skoda Kamiq test drive or you can register your interest to help keep your ear to the street when it comes to the launch of the Skoda Kamiq in Perth.

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