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5 Surprising Facts About The Skoda Fabia

5 Surprising Facts About The Skoda Fabia
February 16, 2020 Ross Wells
New Skoda Fabia 2018

The Skoda Fabia is one of the best examples of the maxim “great things come in small packages.” This compact yet stylish hatch is one of the most affordable mini cars in the market. Aside from its aesthetics, the Fabia has also been equipped with active safety features for a solid driving experience. 


Part of the Fabia’s appeal is the several range options you can choose from. Its Monte Carlo variant has a sportier fascia and is loaded with amenities like sports seats, leather upholsteries and carbon decorated dashboard. 


It’s also highly customisable and is offered in different packages like Sports, Premium Sports, Tech and Vision packs.


Are Skoda Fabia Good Cars?


The Skoda Fabia is an excellent car, especially for those who live in urban areas. It’s a reliable daily-drive vehicle that offers a right balance between performance and style. The Fabia is also loaded with safety features and even comes with six airbags. 


skoda Side Airbags


Here are five surprising facts about the Skoda Fabia, which you probably do not know yet:


Fact #1


The Skoda Fabia R5 holds multiple world rallying world championships, which is a testament to Skoda’s dominance in motorsport. The third generation of the Fabia has won 35 events between 2015 and 2018. The Fabia is also the most successful Super 2000 vehicle with four International Rally Challenge (IRC) titles. 


Under the hood, the Fabia is powered by a 1.6-Litre turbocharged engine which spurts 210 kW of power and 420 Nm of torque. As for its drivetrain, it’s equipped with a 4×4 suspension and a 5-speed gearbox with manual sequential shifting.


Fact #2:

In 2007, Skoda made the Cake advertisement to promote the second generation of its popular supermini. The ad ran for 60 seconds and featured a life-size replica cake of the Fabia which costs £500,000 or AUS $976,000. It’s by far the most expensive SKODA model in the company’s century-long history; unfortunately, not even millionaires can drive it!


Fact #3:


Armando Gomes, a renowned Graffiti artist, coloured a Skoda Fabia with 125 colour combinations. It was the request of one particular customer, which goes to show that when it comes to this car, everything is possible.

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Fact #4


The first generation of the Skoda Fabia was released in 1999 during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Even then, many of its mechanical parts are developed by Volkswagen. Part of what made Skoda so successful in the supermini category is its cheaper optional package.


Fact #5


The Fabia Mk3 won the Best Small Car and Overall Winner title of the What Car? Awards in 2015. The winning Fabia is a 1.2 TSI 90 SE variant which has been hailed for its flexible yet punchy performance and excellent efficiency.


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Why was Skoda Fabia Discontinued?


Unfortunately for Fabia, it has struggled to make an impact in the Australian market. It’s monthly sales since 2017 has been bouncing between 50 and 60 units. It’s 2019 facelift has changed little about its sales performance in the country.

How Long will a Skoda Fabia Last?


The mileage of a car usually differs from one owner to another. With proper maintenance and regular repairs, you can extend the lifespan of a vehicle. In 2016, Skoda discovered a first-generation Fabia Elegance that has 1.125 million miles on its odometer. 


The Skoda Fabia is one of the well-accepted supermini cars in the world. It has made its mark with its stylish look, numerous range options, and above-par performance. First-time car owners won’t be disappointed to own this car early in their careers.

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