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5 Things You Need to Know About the Skoda Octavia Wagon

5 Things You Need to Know About the Skoda Octavia Wagon
September 13, 2019 Ross Wells

Skoda has a fantastic reputation for delivering quality cars at an affordable price point. In recent years, they have made an extra effort to add even more in terms of comfort to compete with other carmakers in a number of segments. One recent beneficiary of this upgrade was the Skoda Octavia Wagon and sedan models. The main change has been the introduction of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to avoid rear end collisions. Here are five things that you need to know about the Skoda Octavia wagon models.


skoda octavia wagon brake

The MQB Platform


The Skoda Octavia range is underpinned by the latest Volkswagen MQB platform. This is the same architecture found on the VW Golf, but it is slightly larger to accommodate the increase in dimensions. Sharing the MQB platform means that you have access to the exact same electronic architecture. So, you can add features, such as drive mode selection or Dynamic Chassis Control if you want it as an optional extra.


Driver Assistance Features


The revised Octavia range now has a suite of driver assistance features to choose from. Every model in the range gets the “Front Assistant” suite which adds safety systems, such as autonomous city braking and a hand reversing camera. Moving up to the style variants add blind spot detection and lane keep assist. Adaptive cruise control is fitted as standard on the entry level models.


Customise with Packages


The base level Skoda wagon is already well equipped, but Skoda offer packages to customise your car further and they are well worth the modest additional premium. There are three packages to choose from; the first is a Sports Pack adding larger wheels and a sportier look. The second is the Tech Pack, which adds keyless entry, lane keep assist, and front parking sensors. Finally, there is the Comfort Pack, which adds electric front seats, heated front, and rear seats and an attractive red stitched leather livery.


The Octavia RS Wagon


This is the sportier version of the Skoda wagon and liftback models. The Octavia RS Wagon uses components from the Volkswagen Golf GTi to give you a wagon with real sporting intentions. This will give you all the practicality of a family friendly wagon and the thrill of driving a front wheel drive performance saloon.


Improved Trim Levels


The Skoda Octavia wagon is designed for simplicity, and the build quality is good. But for the revision, some extra flashy touches have been added in the cabin to give the space a more premium feel. The centre console can now mirror your Android or Apple smartphone, and the entire unit is covered in sleek and shiny glass. The shortcut button located along the side of the console are not touch sensitive, and Skoda has even added the fantastic cup holders found on the latest Kodiaq.


If you’re looking for a Skoda Octavia wagon in Perth, get in touch with Perth City Skoda to arrange a no obligation test drive today.

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