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5 Tips to Beat Car Park Rage in Your Skoda Superb

5 Tips to Beat Car Park Rage in Your Skoda Superb
April 5, 2019 Ross Wells

There are driving situations where it would be very easy for a normally level headed person to lose the plot entirely. When you’re out on the road in a Skoda Superb, you’re driving an excellent family car packed with technology and safety features. However, even the best cars cannot help the driver to stay calm. We often hear about road rage incidents on our roads and highways, but car parks are also a flashpoint area. In this article, we will look at five useful tips to beat car park rage.

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Choose Your Music Wisely

Many people like to drive their cars and listen to music at the same time. However, the type of music that you choose will affect your concentration and driving style. Hitting the open road with a heavy rock soundtrack will get the driver’s blood pumping, but it’s not a great choice for parking the car. When you’re gliding down car park lanes on the lookout for a space, it’s a better idea to have relaxing music playing. This will help you to stay calm and alert for other cars and pedestrians.

Pick a Relaxing Cabin Scent

It may sound strange, but your sense of smell can be a great source of calm if you feed it something relaxing. If you use a car air freshener or potpourri of bergamot or lavender you will find that you feel more relaxed while you drive. This is ideal for parking your car, when stress levels can be elevated by other drivers bad decisions.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter has been scientifically proven to relieve tensions and release endorphins. When you laugh and feel happier, silly things like bad driving or poor parking maneuvers are far less likely to bother you. You could play some audio from your favourite comedians latest standup playing as you slow down to park. Laughing is free, and it’s also infectious for other people in your car.

Keep Your Perspective

Many drivers take their driving far too seriously, it’s essential to concentrate on how you drive, but most of us are not undertaking a journey that’s critical for survival. The vast majority of us, are parking at work, taking a shopping trip and doing a school run. Keep things in perspective, if it takes an extra 5 minutes to park, who cares? This is especially true if you have your kids in the car, they will pick up on your behaviour and mimic it. Set a good example, take a deep breath and get on with your parking in a calm manner.

Work on Your Timing

One of the biggest reasons for car park rage is that everyone sets off at the same time and then they compete for the available spaces. Try setting your alarm a little earlier and set off a little ahead of everyone else. There will be more spaces to park in, and the chances of encountering bad driving will be lessened.

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