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Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving
October 10, 2023 Amanda
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Get rid of those distractions!


Learn how to be more focused when driving and avoid the perils of distracted driving. Distracted drivers pose a serious risk not only to themselves but also to others sharing the road. This comprehensive guide will help you understand driver distraction, its consequences, and practical solutions to minimise distractions and enhance your focus on the road.


The Impact of Distracted Driving


Distracted driving is one of the most serious dangers on our roads, showing the urgent need to avoid driving distractions. According to a recent study conducted by Monash University, drivers find themselves distracted by something other than driving their vehicle every 96 seconds. This staggering fact highlights the urgent need for every driver to actively work towards eliminating distractions and keeping their eyes on the road.


How Do Distractions Affect Our Driving?


Taking your eyes off the road even briefly can lead to devastating consequences, including a motor vehicle crash. At a speed of 100km/h, a few seconds of distraction means you’re driving blind for the length of an entire football field.


The consequence? At least 14% of all motor vehicle crashes in Australia involve a distracted driver.


Types of Driving Distractions


Types of Driving Distractions


The most common distraction? Mobile phones. Drivers using mobile phones are four times more likely to have a car accident. Besides mobile phones, other electronic devices, text messaging, and various common distractions such as eating, drinking, and navigating maps contribute to distractions.


Practical Steps to Reduce Driving Distractions


Mobile Phones


Mobile Phones How to Reduce Driving Distractions


To combat the distraction of cell phones, ensure it is secured in a holder if used for navigation or entertainment. Utilise features like ‘Do Not Disturb’ or hands-free device systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which come standard in every Skoda car model. These systems allow drivers to perform many functions, including sending a text message, without the need to touch the phone.


Organise Your Cargo


Organise Your Cargo How to be more focused when drive distracting


Ensure your shopping bags or other items are securely placed in the boot of the car rather than the front seat to avoid the distraction of spilled items.


Keep Your Passengers Entertained


Keep Your Passengers Entertained


Mitigate the distraction of boisterous passengers or children by planning various activities to keep them entertained and ensuring young drivers are educated about staying focused on the road.




Maps How to be more focused when driving


Before starting your journey, take some time to understand your route to minimise the need to consult your phone or other navigation systems continuously.


Reduce Multitasking


A car is not the place for multitasking. If you feel the need to eat, drink, or do anything that takes your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road, it’s better to pull over and complete the task before continuing your journey.


Practise Defensive Driving


Be aware of the behaviour of other drivers on the road. Anticipate possible issues and be ready to react appropriately. By focusing on the road and driving defensively, you can avoid accidents caused by other distracted drivers.


Technology and Distracted Driving


While technology such as mobile phones and other electronic devices often contribute to distractions, some technological advances can help enhance focus and road safety. Several cars now come with advanced driver assistance systems like lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking that can help in reducing the impact of distracted driving.

Drive Safe With SKODA


Distracted driving is a perilous behaviour that endangers everyone on the road. At Perth City SKODA, we prioritise your safety above all. Our range of new models are engineered with cutting-edge technology and advanced safety features, ensuring you and your loved ones are protected at all times. Each of our vehicles boasts a 5-star safety rating, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable driving experience.


Don’t compromise on safety. Choose a vehicle that actively helps in minimising distractions and maximises protection. Browse our range of SKODA car models today, and take a significant step towards a safer driving journey!

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