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A Basic Guide to Automatic Gearboxes

A Basic Guide to Automatic Gearboxes
October 26, 2017 Ross Wells

If you are considering used cars for sale, you are likely to be aware that you have a choice of automatic or manual transmission models. However, many drivers find themselves a little confused about the range of automatic options available. So, here we will explore the range of automatic gearboxes you are likely to find when you are looking at used Skoda cars.

The typical automatic gearbox found in modern used cars for sale uses a torque convertor. This is a hydraulic fluid coupling that unlocks and locks to change gears. It also prevents stalling when the car is in gear or stationary.

In most used Skoda cars, the automatic gearbox will communicate directly to the electronic control unit of the engine for greater precision.

There are three basic types of CVT or continuously variable transmission. The first is a pulley based transmission that is brilliantly simplistic. It uses a series of pulleys and belts rather than conventional steel gears to create seamless changes through a wider range of ratios. These infinite possibilities allows the engine to spin at the most efficient rpm.

Toroidal transmissions use power rollers and discs to transmit the engine power, while hydrostatic units use hydrostatic motors and variable displacement pumps. All three of these variants are designed to provide greater fuel economy and seamless acceleration.

DCT or Dual Clutch Transmissions provide a fantastic compromise between automatic and manual transmissions. While it is still an automatic transmission, it can be driven as you would a manual without a traditional foot pedal clutch. With this type of transmission, a torque convertor is not used as the gears are arranged on two shafts, one for even numbered gears and a separate one for odds. Each shaft has a clutch. This arrangement allows for the next gear to be ready for selection in a fraction of a second. This can be instructed by the onboard computer management system or by driver input using the traditional shifter or steering wheel paddles.

Modern automatic transmissions offer superior fuel economy and an enhanced driver experience, but it is important to understand your options. You need to appreciate the different transmission options to determine if you are prepared to pay a premium when shopping around for used cars for sale.

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