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What Should You Do After Buying New Skoda Car Models?

What Should You Do After Buying New Skoda Car Models?
February 18, 2018 Ross Wells

Buying a new car can be an exciting prospect. If you’ve been examining the latest Skoda car models list, you are likely to be highly anticipating getting behind the wheel. However, if you’ve never owned a brand new car before, it can be a little daunting. Family members and friends may warn you that you should do this and must not do that. So, what should you do after you buy a new Skoda?

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Get To Know Your New Car

All Skoda car models are equipped with the latest Skoda technology, so it is important that you get to know the specifics of your new car. While you may be keen to hit the open road, it can be very distracting if you need to start looking for a button or switch. Even something as basic as finding your windscreen wipers can be a real stress if there is unexpected rain on your Skoda’s maiden trip.

Before you start driving, take a few moments to familiarise yourself with all the key features of your new vehicle. Take some time to try the infotainment system settings and learn about the active cruise control.

Even if you’ve already driven a new car, the way the systems are controlled on your new Skoda can be different to other manufacturers. For example, your last vehicle may have had the cruise control switches on the steering wheel or on a stalk.

Running in the Engine

If you’re speaking to someone who may have bought a new car in the past, they may have warned you about running in your engine. Fortunately, modern new engines don’t require running at slow speeds like the models of the past. However, it is still a good idea to be gentle with your new Skoda for the first 1,000 kilometres.

This need not be a massive imposition, but it means being more conservative. You should avoid over revving, towing or driving at constant speeds over long distances. Additionally, it is important to allow your brakes to bed in, so you should avoid harsh braking.

Brand new components on brand new cars will need to wear it. You may notice that there is a burning smell as the engine bay plastics and brakes heat up the first few times you drive the vehicle. You should also be prepared for higher oil and fuel consumption for the first few weeks as the engine parts need to fully loosen up before you can enjoy optimum efficiency.

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