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How to Check Your Skoda Fabia Tyres

How to Check Your Skoda Fabia Tyres
December 15, 2017 Ross Wells

Most drivers are aware of the importance of servicing their vehicle, but overlook how vital correct tyre pressures are to performance and safety. The tyres on your Skoda Fabia are not only vital for comfort, to cushion those bumps in the road, but also steering, braking, and acceleration. So, here is a brief guide to how to check your tyres.

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How Often Should You Check Your Tyres:

Improperly inflated tyres can not only affect vehicle safety and performance but can also contribute to a compromised tyre lifespan. If your tyres are not at the correct pressure, they may suffer additional wear from the increased friction caused by the contact with the road surface. Checking your tyres should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. Just as you should regularly check your fluid levels and top up your fuel tank, you also need to check your tyre pressures. Checking your tyres once a week when you fill up on fuel is a good habit to get into, and it will help ensure that your tyres are always correctly inflated.

Checking Your Tyres:

Most service stations have a fully automatic tyre pressure system on the forecourt. These automatic systems are very easy to use and simply require presetting the pressure level and connecting the hose to your tyre.

You will need to establish the correct pressure level for your tyre. This can be found in the owner’s manual for your vehicle or on a placard inside the door jamb. Most manufacturers, including Skoda, will offer a table of tyre pressures that list a few possibilities. This will allow you to tailor your tyre pressure to your particular driving conditions. For example, your tyre pressure will need to be a little higher if your vehicle is fully laden or you are towing a trailer. So, if you are planning a family adventure, with a full complement of passengers and their luggage, you will need to adjust your tyre pressures accordingly.

If your local service centre has an older style inflator, it can be a little more complex. You attach the hose in the same way, but you will need to watch the rotating needle and squeeze the trigger to allow air flow. It can be easy to accidentally over inflate using a traditional inflator, but most models have a button to release any excess pressure.

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