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Checklist for Buying a Used Skoda Octavia

Checklist for Buying a Used Skoda Octavia
May 15, 2018 Ross Wells

Skoda has an excellent reputation for offering great value vehicles that have plenty of offer even if you’re buying it used. Read any used Skoda Octavia review, and you will have this opinion confirmed, but there are still some considerations to make before you buy. So, here is a checklist to confirm it is the right family car for you.

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Think About Practicalities

While a used Skoda Octavia can be a very nice vehicle, you need to think about the practicalities. Do you need a large saloon or would you be better suited to a smaller model like the Fabia? If you need to park your vehicle in a tight space every day, you may find the larger proportions of the Octavia challenging, particularly if you don’t need the additional cabin space. Remember that luxury features are available on smaller Skoda models, so don’t assume you need to go saloon to get the best gear and gadgets.

Has it Had a Hard Life

If you’re considering a used Skoda Octavia automatic, you need to have confidence that the vehicle has been well looked after. Bad driving habits can cause serious damage to an automatic transmission. For example, if the previous owner was in the habit of using Park to roll to a stop, it can cause shearing that will allow pieces of the gears to break off and travel through the transmission, causing damage along the way. If you hear any whirring noises, grinding or burning smells, walk away.

Is it Encumbered ?

Another important consideration when buying a used car is that it is free of any finance. Some sellers may try to offer an encumbered vehicle that can create many issues for new owners. Don’t assume that all sellers are honest and perform your due diligence before you hand over any cash.

Is There Any Warranty ?

Finally, you need to ask if there is any form of buyer protection. If you’re buying from a private seller, this is unlikely. So this means that there is always a risk of buying a lemon. Private sellers are under no legal obligation to inform you of any faults, problems or issues, so tread carefully. A better option is to choose a reputable dealer. Dealers have their reputation on the line, so a good one will ensure that every used vehicle is properly checked and may even offer a warranty.

If you’re thinking about buying a used Skoda Octavia, you should call in and see us. We not only have a full selection of new models, but a fantastic choice of quality pre-owned Skoda models. Our sales staff is on hand to answer any queries about Skoda models and would be delighted to arrange a test drive, so you can perform your own used Skoda Octavia review.

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