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How To Prevent Your Skoda Fabia Being Carjacked

How To Prevent Your Skoda Fabia Being Carjacked
May 16, 2018 Ross Wells

Carjacking is on the rise in major cities, so Australian motorists are finding themselves becoming increasingly under threat. While new technologies have made driving easier, ironically they have made carjacking more common. Although car thieves now face a tougher challenge to take a vehicle, confronting a driver, particularly female or elderly drivers can allow criminals to drive away in your pride and joy. So, here are some ways to protect yourself and prevent your Fabia from being carjacked.

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Be Alert to Your Surroundings

Staying alert is vital to your personal security and could protect you from carjacking. You should always aim to park in well lit areas, preferably in a busy area of the car park. When you do return to your vehicle, be aware of anyone loitering or following you. You should have your keys ready and look into your vehicle, particularly the backseat before you get in. Once you get in, lock the doors and get the engine started.

Practice Tactical Driving

Carjackers tend to target distracted drivers, as they can take you unawares. This means that you should practice tactical driving and never appear to be distracted. You should aim to drive confidently and vigilantly. Don’t have valuables in view and always look at potential exits to any tricky situation.

Be Aware of “Tap and Grab”

The “tap and grab” technique involves the carjacker instigating a minor rear end crash, so when you get out of the vehicle to exchange details, an accomplice can steal your car. This scam can also happen by a driver in front of you tapping their brakes, causing a crash. If you suspect either scenario, it is important to take a good look at your immediate surroundings. If you feel intimidated or the car looks suspicious, use your hands-free to call for emergency assistance.

Don’t Overlook Giving in and Running

If none of the options above or viable, or you’re unable to defend yourself, don’t overlook the option of giving in and running away. Most carjackers only want your car, so it can be safer to hand over your keys and get away from the situation. If you have children in your car, repeat loudly that this is the case. Your typical carjacker doesn’t want to be a kidnapper. Try to remain composed and take a mental note of your carjacker. The police will make use of any details you can provide.

If you would like to find out more about the safety features on the new Skoda Fabia, Perth drivers should call in and see us. We have an impressive range of models including the new Skoda Fabia. You’ll also find our sales staff is ready to answer any queries about the new Skoda Fabia for sale and would be delighted to arrange your test drive.

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