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Is it Illegal to Drive Your Skoda Fabia Wagon Without a Shirt?

Is it Illegal to Drive Your Skoda Fabia Wagon Without a Shirt?
August 27, 2018 Ross Wells

The Skoda Fabia wagon 2018 models are practical and fantastic to drive in town and out on the highway. However, as the summer months approach, we have noticed that there is some confusion surrounding certain driving practices. Some drivers like to really stay cool and drive their cars without wearing a shirt or top. Is this legal or could you land yourself in trouble with the Police?

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The Basics

There are no specific road safety laws in place that prevent a driver from driving without wear a shirt or top. However, you may not want to free your nipple just yet as there are other factors to consider if you want to stay legal. There are other laws in place related to obscene exposure, would the law consider you topless exposure to be sexual in nature? How this is viewed would determine if you could be deemed to be indecent or perhaps not.

Obscene Exposure

The laws regarding obscene exposure vary a great deal across Australian states and territories. However, obscene exposure is considered to be illegal in every jurisdiction. Of course, how a law is applied and interpreted may vary, and it must relate to what is considered decent or indecent in our society at the time of conviction. If attitudes towards going topless change then the way the law is applied could vary a great deal. A key facet here is that there must be proven intent in order for a conviction to occur. If you could prove that you exposed yourself for any other reason than an intent to indecently expose yourself, for example: out of necessity, then the law should not seek to unduly punish you.

The Reality of Driving Shirtless

Driving topless in full view of other drivers without any type of tinted windows could get you pulled over by the Police. This is particularly true for women, and it could also be applicable for men too. There are no statistics available on topless driving causing distractions and resulting in accidents. However, it’s always better to be a responsible and cautious driver to keep yourself and other users safe on the road. Consider putting on a shirt or t-shirt before you hit the road and you can avoid getting into trouble. This article should not be regarded as legal advice, and if you’re intent on driving topless, you should seek further advice from your local road authority first.

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