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Is it worth buying a new car or is used better? The breakdown.

Congratulating the new car buyer

To buy new or used. That is the question. And it plays on the minds of most people at some stage. So what are the issues at stake here? Sure a new car is ideal for those chasing the latest tech and bursting with power. But what about personality? What about your love for a car that’s already broken in? A car with character?!

If you’re in the slump and can’t decide – forget writing that pro-con list. Because we’ve done it for you. 

Start with who you are.

Ok, let’s be realistic here. Assume you’ve got 25,000 to spend on a car. You could go for a new hatchback, yes, brand new. And not a bad one too. But… with 25,000 you could be knocking on the door of a second hand BMW, or a Classic Merc? Basically, this comes down to who you are and what you want from a car. If it’s the top of the range safety specs you’re after, then you’ll probably lean towards that brand new hatchback. If you’re a bit interesting… maybe that vintage Beamer is more the spirit. 

Surprise surprise…money rules 

When it comes to the money, is it worth buying a new car or used car? Of all the factors, your budget will probably play the biggest role in deciding which car you end up buying. There’s no getting around it. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your budget. There’s no rule saying you can’t mix things up a bit. We’ll show you how to do that later.

Buying new: the pros

Ok, it’s not just the new car smell that will have you on a high. There are many advantages to speak of here. The main one is the lack of issues you’re likely to encounter in your first few weeks or months or (fingers crossed) years. There’s a big advantage of a manufacturer guarantee, that’ll see you cruising around without issues for a while. There’s also the fact that no one else has ever driven the car- meaning there’s no random radio presents or leftover chips under the seat.

New car – new feeling

A new car feels pretty darn good to drive. The knowledge that your car has its whole life ahead of it is also pretty exciting. Buying new also means you get some fun extras like branded umbrellas, car covers, extra keys, and so on. Don’t expect anything else when you’re buying used. 

For more on how to make your car buying experience as smooth as possible – check out our used car buying guide.

New means better fuel economy 

It’s true, a new car will definitely have better fuel economy. Unless you’re buying a thirsty muscle car, then sure, a second hand Hyundai might be slightly more efficient over the long term. Generally, however, expect the latest models to have all the new and improved fuel-saving tech. Choosing to buy new also opens you up to the hybrid and electric car market. Don’t expect to find many used electric cars on the market. 

No dodgy history or sketchy sellers

Of all the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car, this one is quite important. It all comes down to the previous owner or owners. Basically, no one knows what they’ve been up to. For all you know, it could’ve been used as a stunt car – now being sold with new armour. You just can’t tell. A new car is free from any crazy past owners, it is untouched and intact. 

Avoid the weird private seller

Buying new means you’ll also skip the test-drive and inspection meet-up. Private sellers usually have little to no customer experience. And let’s be honest, sometimes things can get awkward. Don’t expect to be cutting any ribbons or cracking any champaign. Remember never to feel pressured into anything you’re not sure about. If you’re unsure, take a rain check and consult with the experts at Used Cars Perth.

Buying new – some disappointing cons 

So while buying new can be exciting, there are some cons you should be aware of. First up is the price. And we’re not just talking of what you pay up-front. Insurance premiums on a new car will tend to be higher, so will many other on-road costs. The moment you start driving – your new car’s value drops significantly. On average, new cars value drops by 40% in the first three years. That’s a lot. This sharp depreciation is what might haunt you down the track if you want to sell. 

The character factor

Among the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car, one scarcely mentioned factor is a car’s character. If you’re rolling your eyes, maybe a new car is what you’re after. But what exactly does the character have to do with buying a car? It’s not to say that a brand new car doesn’t have character, but the personality that comes with a car that’s been driven (well) and been cared for in a certain way certainly has its perks. You may also find there are some genuinely good modifications. Perhaps you like listening to tape recordings. So, all judgment aside – buying a vintage car because of how it makes you feel is a perfectly valid reason to stick to a used car

Is there a third way? What about dealer demos? 

Still can’t choose? The good news is there is a third way out of this gridlock scenario. And no, it doesn’t involve buying a bike. If you love the idea of a new car with that clean, unspoiled interior and fully functioning tech, but are still spooked by the price – why not go check out some dealer demo models? They’re low on kilometres, not zero, but you’ll still get that new engine feel while snapping up a perfect car without the hassle of the extra few thousand dollars. For a look at our range of demo models up for grabs – reach out to Perth City Skoda and find your (used) new car today. 

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