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Land Rover Discovery vs. Skoda Kodiaq – Which is the Best SUV?

With the sheer number of innovative large SUVs on the market right now, choosing the perfect model for you can be a challenge. If you’ve been um-ing and ah-ing about the age old Land Rover Discovery vs Skoda Kodiaq debate, don’t worry – we’ve got answers.

The SKODA KODIAQ has had some new upgrades. It has more muscle with a heavier design – but it doesn’t skip out on style. While robust, it has striking lines that make it a true presence on the road. The spacious cabin has seven seats, so is guaranteed to fit the whole family (including furry friends!).

It also comes with an impressive list of safety features, has ample space to pack in plenty of equipment, and is the perfect size to keep the kids comfortable and happy, whilst they entertain themselves

The Discovery is a bit lower and wider than the Kodiaq. It still looks sleek and smooth, but is definitely a chunkier presence on the road. The latest model comes equipped with brand new LED headlights and revised grille, which makes the Discovery look smooth and powerful, especially in combination with the flared arches.

It’s your classic Land Rover style, with premium features and a style that oozes quality.

When it comes to practicality, the Kodiaq offers A LOT of space. With the seven seats in use, you’ll get 270-litres of space to move around in, and if you fold down all the seats, you’ll get a massive 2065-litres of space that will put a big smile on your face.

With plenty of space in the front for both driver and passenger, there is plenty of practical storage space to store your sunnies, mobile and more. There are cup holders in the first row with bottle holders in all three rows, as well as a cooled glove box, sunglass holder, and multiple storage areas throughout the cabin.

You’ll get a taste of first-class luxury with adjustable front seats (which are heated, by the way), leather interior, wireless smartphone connectivity, wireless charging and CANTON sound system. It comes with a state-of-the-art virtual cockpit and the driver’s seat even remembers your preferences. The boot is cavernous and its capacity is great for luggage space, with the boot volume coming in at 640-litres with the rear seats in place and 1,700-litres with them folded.

The new Discovery is HUGE. There is more than enough space up front for the passenger to kick off their shoes and stretch their toes. It comes with a wide dash, and a centre-console that has an impressive touchscreen unit that houses controls for easily switching to 4WD mode. The front and second row have plenty of cup and bottle holders, with the second row so spacious you could mistake it for your sofa at home. It comes with dual USB points and with the top of the range models, there is the option of adding climate control functions.

Prices for the KODIAQ starts from $52,990 and you can expect to pay extra for additional features and specialised paints. It may be worth upgrading to the sports model if you are after all the bells and whistles, as it will work out more economical in the long run.

For the starting price you will get one of the coolest SUVs on the market. With its diesel engine, all four wheel-drive and 20-inch alloy wheels, its performance will not disappoint. You’ll also get some bang for your buck with its inclusions – LED DRLs, red brake callipers, automatic LED headlights, adapted, calibrated dampers, a sound boost amplified exhaust and take your pick with its multiple driving modes. The boot even opens automatically.

Inside, the leather sports seats are super comfy. You’ve got multi-climate control functions, a 9.2-inch multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, and an awesome CANTON sound system. In addition, enjoy Skoda’s virtual cockpit, wireless phone charging, heated driver and front passenger seats.

There are three engine options available in the Discovery, and the five or seven seats come with four different trim grades.

With the entry-level model you get 19-inch alloy wheels, a leather wheel cover to stop your hands sliding around on those hot, sweaty days, quality cloth seats, and dual zone climate control.

In the higher trim levels you’ll start to get all the fancy trimmings. You get fixed height settings for 4×4 driving along with the standard air suspension that lowers when you need to go under low parking lots, along with wing mirrors that are powered and heated, plus rain-sensing wipers.

The new Kodiaq has a Turbocharged 2.0 TSI 7-speed engine, with an acceleration that will take you 6.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h. Once your foot touches the pedal you will feel its punch when the turbo kicks in.

You are destined to have so much fun with its 4WD capability – from having a blast in the sand dunes or blowing dust on an off-road adventure. The engine performance is its best yet.

The Discovery comes with the option of three different diesel engines, all of which have an automatic gearbox with eight speeds to get you flying when you are off-road.

Whilst the entry-level Discovery has a 3.0 litre engine, it is a mean machine and it has some weight to carry around even without any passengers. If you are planning on going off-road then for the extra cost and peace of mind, the V6 or higher would be the safer choice.

The seven seat, half-tonne Kodiaq on a combined cycle will drink around 7.6 litres per 100km. Its emissions are capped at about 167g of C02 every km, which is great news for all the environmental junkies out there, as a 60 litre tank will get you to about 1000km.

On a combined cycle, the 2.0 litre Discovery will uses about 6.3 litres every 100km. However, if you decide to spoil yourself and upgrade to a more powerful four-cylinder unit, it only increases its drinking capacity to 6.5-litres per 100 kms.. If you go for a V6 model, the fuel consumption will climb to 7.2-litres per 100 km.

For Land Rover purists, on first impressions, this new Discovery design could cause some confusion. However, once inside and on the road they will find it comfortable and its performance capable of tackling any road. The basic features provide everything you need, but be prepared to spend up big if you want a well-optioned one with all the bells and whistles, and a model such as the V6, that will pack some punch.

Like the Discovery, the KODIAQ might not be the sportiest SUV on the market but it has everything and more to keep its new owners smiling. It balances its extra performance with practicality, and the advanced tech features are a must for today’s digital geeks.

Seven seats and massive space for plenty of equipment to take on the next Aussie road trip, the Kodiaq is as practical as it is comfortable. Whether you are a couple or a family, it has enough power to pack a good punch once your foot touches the pedal and in price comparison to the Discovery, you get more bang for your buck.

When it comes to combining price, comfort, features, tech, safety and performance, the Skoda Kodiaq is the ultimate choice.

If you have any questions about this article and want to know more about the Skoda Kodiaq, come on down to Perth City Skoda and take it for a test drive today.

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