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All You Need to Know About Towing Weights

All You Need to Know About Towing Weights
February 15, 2018 Ross Wells

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle and have read any Skoda Kodiaq review, you are likely to be aware that this latest addition to the Skoda range is a rugged and attractive vehicle. However, if you are planning on using your new Kodiaq to tow a caravan, trailer or other load, you need to know about towing weights. Unfortunately, a vehicle’s towing capacity can be a little complicated to understand as it doesn’t always equate to it’s towing potential. So, here we will explore this topic, so you can be sure that the Kodiaq is the right vehicle for you.

Towing Myth

The Skoda Kodiaq Official Info

According to the official Skoda Kodiaq review, 2018 models have a towing capacity of 2,000 kilograms. Many drivers assume this means that you can easily tow a 2.0 tonne caravan, but this is not necessarily the case. There are other factors that will determine how much you can tow. In order to determine if the Kodiaq is the right vehicle for you, you will need to understand the towing terminology, so you can ensure that it meets your specific requirements.

The Trailer Weight

The first factor to consider is the trailer weight. Whether you’re towing a caravan, boat trailer or even a horse float, the trailer will be assessed on the basis of its total weight. This figure is calculated based on the unladen weight and the maximum potential payload.  When assessing your needs, you will need to consider the ATM (aggregate trailer mass) or the GTM (gross trailer mass)

The Towing Capacity

Most vehicle manufacturers provide an official towing capacity. The Skoda Kodiaq specs detail a towing capacity of 2,000 kilograms. This is a reference to the maximum trailer ATM that the model can efficiently pull while remaining stable. This figure is based on the Kodiaq’s torque, power, frame durability, and strength.

Towball Loading

When assessing your requirements, you will also need to consider the towball loading. This refers to the downward force or maximum vertical weight that can be applied without compromising the ability to brake and steer. If you exceed the towball loading if can take weight off the front wheels and create safety issues. The Kodiaq’s towball maximum is set at 80 kilograms.

Your Towbar Capacity

Finally, you need to check your towbar capacity. The maximum towing weight for your towbar may differ from the official vehicle stats, so you need to ensure that both are suitable for your use. You should always use the lower of the two numbers, so if your towbar is rated at 2,500 kilograms, but the Kodiaq is rated at 2,000 kilograms, you will only be allowed to tow a maximum of 2,000 kilograms.

If you would like further information about the new Skoda Kodiaq specs, you should speak to us. Our sales team members are on hand to answer any queries about the Skoda Kodiaq, review questions or pricing details. We would also be delighted to assist you with vehicle finance and insurance.


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