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How the Skoda Kodiaq’s specs make it an award-winning icon

How the Skoda Kodiaq’s specs make it an award-winning icon
November 16, 2020 Amanda
How Skoda Kodiaq Specs make it a winning icon

SUVs have quickly made a name for themselves in recent years as the cars that will do it all. Whether you’re hitting the road for a long drive, trying to manoeuvre city parking, running the kids to and from school, or hitting the trails for some offroading action, SUVs are honestly the ideal companion.


The Skoda Kodiaq is no stranger to the SUV market – in fact, the Skoda Kodiaq’s specs make it something of an icon. With superb technology, smart design, and the best safety features on the market, the Skoda Kodiaq puts up a good fight against the ever-expanding SUV market – probably the best fight. It’s also top of the Skoda range when it comes to size and features.


Did we mention it’s also incredibly affordable?


If you’re still on the fence, read on. We’ll take you through all of the Skoda Kodiaq specs that make it a winner.


Powerful and towing-ready


If you’re after a powerful SUV that can do more than just get you from A to B, the Kodiaq is The One. The Kodiaq range offers several different engines to suit your needs. Whether you go for that base level Kodiaq or a sportier Kodiaq RS, you’ll be zipping by with a turbocharged engine.


The baseline Kodiaq 132 TSI gives you a 2.0-litre petrol engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission, 132kW of power and 320Nm of torque. The Kodiaq RS levels it up at the top of the range, with 190kW of power and 370Nm of torque. Get to 100km/h in 6.6 seconds with ease.


The Skoda Kodiaq Style and Sportline models linger somewhere in the mid-range, but also offer fantastic power for easy towing capabilities. You really can’t go wrong with any of the models; if you’re after a sporty, high-performance car, go the Kodiaq RS. If you’re in need of a trusty, versatile 4×4 that can double up as your city commuter car, both the Sportline and base level trims are more than capable.


Even when fully loaded, the Kodiaq models feel light and composed on the road.


So what does all this power mean? Well, those who have dreams of towing a camper – this is your time. With superior towing power, the Kodiaq can tug a respectable 2,000kg (braked) with no problems.


Exceptional 4×4 capability


The Kodiaq is refreshingly smooth for its size. You skip the big, clunky 4-wheel drive feel that comes with most classic 4×4s. The Kodiaq is designed to go further than ever, with excellent grip and the 4×4 capabilities kicking in automatically when needed. Even the steepest of climbs feel safe.


Offroading in the Kodiaq feels both lighter and nimbler than your usual SUVs. There’s an intelligent driver mode select function that offers a choice of eco, sport, and comfort, and a Dynamic Chassis Control system that can work wonders across a range of different driving conditions.


Did you know that in 2018, the Skoda Kodiaq RS was put to the test on the Nurburgring race track? It was the fastest seven-seater SUV on the track – meaning if you have a Kodiaq, you have one of the speediest SUV models in its class.


Space and comfort: the ideal 7 seater


Skoda Kodiaq Seven seater


If you’re after space, look no further than the Kodiaq. As the largest Skoda on the market, the Kodiaq is a big family pleaser with its seven seats, but can easily be adapted for smaller groups with folding 3rd-row seats. The interior feels carefully thought out, with a lot of room to move, making long drives an absolute pleasure, even with the added seating capacity.


Hitting the road for a road trip? Even if you’re carting the whole family with you, you’ll still have an abundance of space for all your bags and gear. With the 3rd row flat, you’re looking at 630 litres, but with all back seats down, you’ll get 2005 litres of space. Forget the tent – that’s space for a double (blow-up) bed right there.


Depending on the trim level you get, you can enjoy ventilated and heated seats with massage functions, ambient lighting, climate control, and an enhanced sound system.


But that’s not all – Skoda is well known for its Simply Clever features, including creative storage compartments


Skoda Kodiaq specs: safety and tech


Skoda has made a name for itself with its innovative tech – and the Kodiaq’s features easily uphold this name… alongside some typical quirks that make driving fun and memorable.


Skoda is known for its virtual cockpit, and every new Kodiaq sees an upgrade. In the latest model, you’ll find 9.2 inches of highly responsive touchscreen infotainment system with all the usual connectivity avenues, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Enjoy Columbus 3D navigation and wireless charging, with all of your need-to-know driver assist information clearly displayed on the centre console.


The Skoda Kodiaq is also brimming with safety features that always have your back on the road. An emergency braking system monitors for any potential front on collisions, while side and blind-spot detection systems also work in the background keeping every passenger safe. Nine Airbags are fitted, and a 5-star ANCAP safety rating means the Kodiaq is one of the safest family SUVs on the market.


How’s the drive?


As far as 4×4 family SUVs go, the Skoda Kodiaq is one of the most fuel-efficient. With 7.6 litres/100km, fuels stops are few and far apart. Combine this efficiency with the overwhelming practicality and cleverness of the Skoda Kodiaq and you’ve got an all-round road-going hero.


For everyday use around town, the Kodiaq is well acclimated to inner-city traffic jams, with some snazzy Traffic Jam Assist tech and some embarrassment-proof parking assist tools. It’s safe to say living with a Skoda Kodiaq is fun, empowering, and easy.

The Verdict: Skoda Kodiaq specs give rivals a run for their money


The Skoda Kodiaq takes the prize for delivering on premium features while still maintaining its affordable price tag. It’s a premium SUV with a hugely affordable price tag. With plush interior seats, loads of room, and dazzling driver assistance packages, the Skoda Kodiaq is pushing the envelope in every way.


If you want to take the Kodiaq for a spin, come down to Perth City Skoda to test drive this world-class SUV today. 


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