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How Skoda Kodiaq Specs make it a winning icon

How Skoda Kodiaq Specs make it a winning icon

November 16, 2020 Amanda
How Skoda Kodiaq Specs make it a winning icon

Breaking down the specs that make the Skoda Kodiaq an award-winning icon


Family SUVs are making a name for themselves as the cars that will do it all. The long drives, the city parking, the school run, some 4-wheel off-roading, no matter the occasion, you can rely on a safe and comfortable driving experience. The Skoda Kodiaq is no stranger to the SUV market, with superb affordability and a smart design, this car is excellent competition for the expanding SUV market. Here are the Skoda Kodiaq specs that make it win.


Skoda Kodiaq specs: powerful and towing-ready


The Kodiaq sports a range of engines to suit your needs. Base level and Sportline have a 132kW turbocharged 2.0 TSI engine producing up to 320Nm of torque. There’s plenty of power here to start shifting kilometres. Even when fully loaded, this car drives more like a wagon than an SUV – a difficult feel to achieve especially considering its size and capacity. Long drives will feel light and composed. If you’re after more power, the Skoda Kodiaq RS with a 237bhp 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine will do the trick. Producing 500Nm of torque, it’s the top of Skoda’s range. So if you’re after that sporty badge and just need to get to 100km/hr in 7.0 seconds – there’s your car. But if you’re in need of a trusty, versatile camping 4×4 that can double up as your city commute car, both the Sportline and base level trims are more than capable. So what does all this power mean? Well, those who have dreams of towing a camper – this is your time. With superior towing power, the Kodiaq can tug a respectable 2,000kg (braked) with no problems.


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4×4 capability: the ultimate getaway car


The Kodiaq is refreshingly smooth for its size. You skip the big, clunky 4-wheel drive feel that comes with most classic 4×4’s. It’s both lighter and nimbler, but with the option of 7 seats, there are no complaints from anyone wanting to bring the whole family down for some beach driving. The Kodiaq is designed to go further with excellent grip and with the 4×4 kicking in automatically when needed, it makes steep climbs feel safe at the front and back. There’s an intelligent driver mode select function that offers a choice of eco, sport, and comfort, and a Dynamic Chassis Control system that can work wonders across a range of different driving conditions. But it’s not just the smart driver tech that makes the ride smooth, the Kodiaq is surprisingly practical when it comes to transporting many people over long distances. Generous storage compartments throughout the car make long drives palatable. There’s also a 12-volt plug for 3rd-row seat access. There’s no road the Kodiaq won’t be able to tackle on holiday.


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Space and comfort: the 7 seater miracle


The Skoda Kodiaq is the largest Skoda on the market. It’s a big family pleaser, but can easily be adapted for smaller groups with folding 3rd-row seats. With room in the back to spare, the second row has miles of legroom and acres of space above. The interior feels carefully thought out and with so much room to move, long drives are a simple pleasure. Not only can you fit 7 people in the car – yes adults included, there’s still a decent amount of room in the boot for a couple of bags. The 3rd row down flat gives you 630 litres – enough for 3 medium suitcases and a small bag, and all back seats down flat gives way to 2005 litres of space. Forget the tent – that’s space for a double (blow-up) bed right there.


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Skoda Kodiaq specs: safety and tech


In line with the Skoda ethos, there’s all the tech you could dream up – plus some typical quirks that make your drive fun and memorable. There are 9.2 inches of highly responsive touchscreen with all the usual connectivity avenues like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with 3D navigation and wireless charging. Key information and driver-assist tools are clearly displayed and available on Skoda’s Virtual cockpit which makes for a seamless and integrated driving experience. The Skoda Kodiaq is brimming with safety features that always have your back on the road. An emergency braking system monitors for any potential front on collisions, while side and blind-spot detection systems also work in the background keeping every passenger safe. 9 Airbags are fitted, and a 5-star ANCAP safety rating means the Kodiaq is one of the safest family SUVs on the market.


Living with a Skoda Kodiaq


As far as 4×4 family SUVs, the Kodiaq is one of the most fuel-efficient. With 7.6l/100km, fuel stops are few and far apart. Combine this efficiency with the overwhelming practicality and cleverness of the Skoda Kodiaq and you’ve got an all-round road-going hero. For everyday use around town, the Kodiaq is well acclimated to inner-city traffic jams, and with some snazzy Traffic Jam Assist tech and some embarrassment-proof parking assist tools. It’s safe to say living with a Skoda Kodiaq is fun, empowering, and easy.


The Verdict: Skoda Kodiaq specs give rivals a run for their money


The Skoda Kodiaq takes the prize for delivering on premium features while still maintaining its affordable price tag. It cleverly sits under the 50,000 mark but doesn’t in any way appear reflective of this price range – with plush interior seats, loads of room, and dazzling river assistance packages, the Skoda Kodiaq is no doubt pushing the envelope in every way. For more on why the Skoda Kodiaq is a winning family SUV here’s a Skoda Kodiaq review.