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Skoda Parts Advice: Should You Stick with OE Tyres?

Skoda Parts Advice: Should You Stick with OE Tyres?
November 9, 2018 Ross Wells

When you think about Skoda parts, it’s likely that tyres are quite low down on your list. After all, Skoda doesn’t make tyres; they are sourced from tyre manufacturers to suit their cars and closely matched to meet their specification. Despite this, these tyres are fitted at the Skoda factory, and so they are considered to be Original Equipment (OE). When any part needs to be replaced on your car, it’s always recommended to use genuine OE parts to ensure that your car is kept as close as possible to the manufacturer’s specification. Of course, that may not be possible with your tyres, let’s examine this issue in further detail so that you can choose the right tyres for your Skoda car.

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OE Tyres are Always the Best Option

This is true, but there are a few circumstances where this may not be possible, and some leeway may be required. Your Skoda car was designed with a certain type of tyre in mind, but that exact tyre may not be available, and it will be necessary to get a close match. There is a long list of criteria to get a close match including factors, such as comfort, traction, cost, and durability. It’s unlikely that a cheap set of tyres off the rack will fulfill all (if any) of these requirements and good tyres are more expensive. Of course, a new set of average tyres will be better than a worn set of OE tyres, because there will be more tread depth to evacuate water and maintain grip. However, wherever possible get tyre that closely matches the OE tyres fitted at the factory, and you will have peace of mind.

Economy Tyres are a False Economy

Cheaper tyres may seem like the better option in the short term, but in the medium to longer term, they could cost you money. Fuel economy is closely linked to tyre performance, and a cheaper set of rubber could affect the amount of rolling resistance on your car. Every Skoda car has OE tyres that are designed to offer the lowest rolling resistance possible to conserve fuel. If you’re interested in saving money, a good set of tyres is essential and cheaper tyres are a false economy to avoid.

Tyre Durability is Essential

Another feature that could cost a significant amount of money is tyre durability. Replacing OE tyres with a closely matching set should give you a similar amount of distance before they need replacing. A cheaper set of tyres is unlikely to last as long, and you may find yourself buying new tyres far more frequently. Again, this is a false economy, a better set of tyres will cost less in the medium to long term compared to a cheaper set that could wear quickly.

If you’re in the market for genuine Skoda parts and tyres get in touch with us here at Skoda Perth. We stock a large selection of aftermarket Skoda parts that are fully compliant with your car. All of our parts are genuine or third party parts that are recommended by Skoda for use in their vehicles. Our team is standing by to discuss your needs in more detail, and they will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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