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Head to Head: Skoda Scala vs Volkswagen Golf

Skoda Scala blue color

The battle of the hatchbacks is a vicious, and tightly contested affair, with some of the most sought after cars campaigning for legitimacy and usefulness in an utterly saturated market. That’s partially why new cars like the Skoda Scala have the chance to make a big impact – meaning they’re not a reiteration of a car made 10 years ago. Ok, but what about Golf? Isn’t it the long time celebrity of hatchbacks? For an undecided punter, what are the big differences here? And which one presents a better case for you, the potential buyer? Here’s the Skoda Scala vs Volkswagen Golf rundown.

Overall design: who does it better?

Golf fanatics would say why change it when it works? Everyone likes familiarity right? They’ve got a point. But it’s also not entirely true. People like the new and different. And the Skoda Scala is exactly that. Unveiled in 2018, this hatch bridges the gap between Skoda’s Fabia and the Octavia. Its design is refreshing and clearly something different (not a Golf). Sharp cut headlights, and an impressive rear tinted window setup that merges well with the overall roof design makes for a smart and polished car. But what’s probably irking the designers over at VW Golf most is that the Scala has a unique universality – a selling point that the Golf has cultivated over decades. The Scala delivers on this with an effortlessness that can only be envied by the automotive community.

Ride and handling: Skoda Scala vs Volkswagen Golf

The Skoda Scala steps deep into Golf territory with a similar engine, horsepower figures, and six-speed manual gearbox. So what does this mean? Basically, if you were driving blindfolded, you wouldn’t know the difference. Overall, the ride is quiet and responsive. A Golf might feel more refined, but the Scala feels just as solid on its heels. All these similarities are not there by chance either. Volkswagen has photocopied the base of the WV Polo onto the Scala.

Fuel economy – which one is cheaper in the long run?

Skoda claims 5.0litres/100km. That’s pretty fantastic for a car that can fit more tall people and luggage compared to the latest Golf. Adding to that Volkswagen claims a slightly higher 5.4 to 5.7 litres per 100km depending on the transmission. Not only is the Scala cheaper to run, but you’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing automatic vs manual and diesel vs petrol. As a Scala customer, expect many choices, and fewer stops at the fuel station.

The million-dollar question

It’s pricing where the Scala truly becomes the pick of the pair. Not only is it (very) competitively priced, there’s a ton of extras (see below) that will make a first time Skoda buyer double take. Cutting to the chase, a Skoda customer can drive away with a brand new Scala for a remarkable price. Golf customers make sure you bring an extra suitcase full of cash and don’t go expecting to get anywhere near the number of extras as the fully loaded Scala.

Entry-level value: who does it better?

Hold the 45 grand you were about to drop on the new Golf. Take a step back and consider this. With the same money, you could easily be knocking on the door of the highest trim Scala, with loads more tech at your fingertips and still have about 10 grand to play with. Remember that Scala’s standard features include 18-inch silver alloy wheels, an enormous 8-inch infotainment system, wireless phone charging, dynamic indicator lights, a reverse camera, a smart virtual cockpit, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Just to be clear. That’s standard. And there’s more where that came from too.

Skoda Scala vs Volkswagen Golf: which does safety better?

Sure, the Golf is renowned for being a safe car. But the Scala does come with some pretty exciting entry-level perks. Adaptive cruise control, lane assist, autonomous emergency braking, and some smart driver fatigue monitoring tech. For the cheaper price tag, this is a no brainer.

Skoda Scala vs VW Golf: which one is more practical?

Besides all its mouthwatering tech, the Scala happens to be super practical. It’s more balanced than a Golf, with 90 extra litres in the boot and an electric tailgate coming standard, this car makes loading and unloading a breeze. You’ll find plenty of interior door storage, seat and glove box compartments add up to 26 litres – which if you think about it, that’s rather impressive. With the extra length, the Scala is more accommodating than a shorter stockier Golf. You’d feel more comfortable getting a roof box or strapping down some kayaks on a road trip. Cheaper and road trip friendly, the value-packed Scala pulls ahead here with an affordable price tag. For more information on why the new Scala is such a hit, read our Skoda Scala Review. Considering the 2020 Golf? Step outside of what’s expected. Test drive a Scala today.

Skoda Scala vs Volkswagen Golf – Quick Comparison

Skoda Scala Volkswagen Golf
Engine 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol
Power 110kW 110kW
Torque 250Nm 250Nm
Acceleration 0-100km/h 9.8 seconds 7.7 seconds
Cargo Space 467L/1410L 374L/1230L
Fuel Economy 4.9L/100km 5.8L/100km

For baseline models – Skoda Scala 110TSI and Volkswagen Golf 110TSI

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