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Spotlight on Skoda Parts: Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Bumper?

Spotlight on Skoda Parts: Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Bumper?
August 10, 2018 Ross Wells

With the wealth of genuine Skoda parts, it can be easy to overlook one of the most obvious: your bumper. If you’re involved in an accident, your bumper can easily be damaged and come loose. So, is it illegal to continue driving without a bumper?

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The Legality

The simple answer is yes, it is illegal to drive without either your front or rear bumper. Your bumpers are your first line of defense, so it is easy to suffer damage, and it may be tempting to continue driving while you wait on new Skoda parts, but while there are no specific penalties, you could find yourself in some legal trouble if your Skoda is missing a front or rear bumper.

For example, in NSW, the Roads and Maritime Services says the bumper positioned at the correct height is a minimum design feature to safeguard those travelling in the vehicle in the event of a crash. They can also protect the occupants in other vehicles involved in the crash.

This means that it is reasonably safe to assume that if the police spot you driving without a bumper, you could be at risk of a fine and demerit points, as your vehicle doesn’t comply with roadworthiness standards.

Similar laws are in place in Victoria, where according to VicRoads, you could face a fine of $396.

The Western Australia laws are slightly fuzzier, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll be okay driving without a bumper. There is a lack of road authority information, but it is safe to assume that bumpers will be considered essential vehicle components here, so you’re likely to be pulled over if the police spot you.

Insurance Implications

Even if you’re lucky enough to be pulled over by a very understanding police officer, there are potential insurance implications of driving without a bumper. Generally, insurers insist that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and a missing bumper is likely to make your vehicle be considered unroadworthy. This means that driving without a bumper could void your insurance contract, leaving you vulnerable in the event of an accident.

In short, if you do lose a bumper, it is worth erring on the side of caution and leaving your car at home until you can get it fixed. While you may not be breaking the law, you could find yourself in legal or financial trouble, so be patient and get your bumper or any other Skoda accessories ordered and wait until it is fitted before you hit the road.

If you would like to learn more about the range of Skoda parts, you should call in and see us. We not only have a fantastic stock of vehicles, but also a full after sales team. We can provide access to genuine Skoda parts and Skoda accessories to ensure that your vehicle looks great and is safe to drive.

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