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The Next-Gen 2020 Skoda Octavia Estate

The Next-Gen 2020 Skoda Octavia Estate
March 5, 2020 Ross Wells
The Next Gen 2020 Skoda Octavia Estate

Skoda unveiled the fourth generation of Octavia during November last year. The next-gen 2020 Skoda Octavia, including its estate variant, features a fresh looking interior and several new technologies.  

The best selling car model from the Czech automaker also retains some of its best value proposition that has captivated a niche in the market. The Octavia still comes with decent standard equipment and a selection of fuel-efficient engines.  


Is There a new Skoda Octavia Coming Out?


Skoda is expected to release the new Skoda Octavia in the Australian market in the first quarter of 2021. The latest update will give both Octavia’s estate and liftback models an additional length of 22 mm and 19 mm, respectively. 

The upcoming 2020 Octavia also has a larger knee room for rear passengers, which saw a 5mm increase and is now at 78 mm. Furthermore, Skoda is sure to add several “Simply Clever” features such as in-door umbrellas, rear window sunshades and even smartphone-sized pockets.  


Is Skoda Octavia a Good Car?


The Octavia is regarded as one of the best cars in the estate category. Since its inception, it has captured a market segment that clamours a stylish yet practical ride. With the latest update, the Octavia has also added a bit of cabin and storage space.

Meanwhile, the 8.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system is also getting an upgrade. The new 10.25-inch digital cockpit will also be paired with a head-up display and five USB ports. Skoda also teased a new two-spoke steering wheel and a wireless phone charging feature.  


Is Skoda Octavia a 4WD?


Not all variants of the Skoda Octavia have an all-wheel-drive (AWD). However, there is also a 4×4 version with an electronically controlled clutch. The 4WD option can also be matched with either the petrol or diesel engine and have either manual or automatic transmission. 

Aside from a 4WD variant, Skoda is also selling the Octavia in a front-wheel-drive chassis. Furthermore, both chassis options also have an active suspension setup. 

Skoda is also offering a wide range of power train options for the Skoda such as petrol, diesel, plug-in, compressed natural gas, and hybrid. Petrol engines, which are quite popular in Australia, ranges from 1.0 to 2.0-Litres and output are between 81 kW and 200 Nm to 140 kW to 320 Nm. 


Is there a Hybrid Skoda?


The Skoda Octavia also has a plug-in hybrid variant which uses a 1.4-Litre petrol engine which produces 150 kW and 350 Nm. Unfortunately, because of Australia’s sulphur-rich petrol, the plug-in and 48V hybrid variants might not be initially offered in the country during the 2021 launch. 


How big is a Skoda Octavia Estate Boot?


The booth space of the 4th generation Octavia has grown by 30 Litres compared to its predecessor and is now at an impressive 640 Litres. Meanwhile, the liftback variant also gets a 10 Litre increase to its now 600 Litre boot. 


Which 4×4 Estate Car is the Best?


It’s hard to say which is the best estate car with a 4×4 chassis because everyone has their preference. The Skoda Octavia, however, is one of the strongest contenders for the title given its excellent performance and reliability.


The next generation of the Skoda Octavia estate car has a lot promised for car owners. With an updated fascia, roomier cabin, and larger boot space, the Octavia is sure to capture a significant slice of the estate category. 


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