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The Skoda Hidden Features You Never Knew Existed

Skoda vehicles are not just good-looking and great to drive, they also have many “hidden features” which make it that much better for drivers and owners of the car. Today we will give you a rundown of some Simply Clever and other useful features to help you make the most of your Skoda, whichever one you choose.

As we take you through each Skoda model and give examples of some features that can be found in a particular model, the good news is that many of these features can also be found on other models across the Skoda range (though they do vary).

Synchronised window operation

So it’s a hot summer’s day and you’ve parked your Skoda Fabia outside and head into the office or the shops.  As you are ready to leave, you might want to cool the car down first (after it has been baking in the sun all that time) by opening the windows and letting all the hot air out.

In the Skoda Fabia, instead of having to open the door and wind down each window manually, there’s an easy way to synchronise this process using the key fob. Simply press and hold down the unlock button and all the windows will open simultaneously. You can stay a cool distance from the vehicle until all the heat has been released. And to close all the windows, just press and hold down the lock button. If you have a sunroof, that can be programmed to be part of the action too.

The magical umbrella

Got caught in rainy weather and forgot to pack your umbrella? Not a problem, just open the door of your Skoda Superb and you will find one tucked neatly into a storage compartment built into it (on some other models the umbrella may be stored underneath the seat instead). No more scrounging around the vehicle looking for an umbrella when you need it most.

Hidden Features

Since we’re talking about useful objects in hiding places, an honourable mention would have to go to the classic ice scraper with a tyre tread depth gauge that sits on the inside of the fuel filler cap.

KESSY is the key to convenience

Choose the KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) control unit on your new Skoda Octavia and it’ll never be easier to operate. It has a range of up to 1.5 metres and unlocks the car automatically when you touch the door handle – nothing to press, insert, or turn. Thoughtfully, only the door on the same side as the key will unlock, for security reasons (though this setting can be changed if you wish).

Locking the Octavia is as simple as touching your hand on the door handle once you exit the car, then just walk away. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally locking your keys in the car, because the doors will automatically unlock if detects the key still inside, alerting you to the fact with flashes on the indicators, allowing you to go back in and grab them.

And you never need to put the key in the ignition if you’re carrying it inside the Octavia. It’s just the press of a button with your foot on the brake to start the engine. When you get where you’re going, it’s another press of a button to turn the engine off. All the while your key won’t even have to leave your pocket.

Quick setup and on-demand tow bar

The electrically retractable tow bar is a very useful feature if you have a Skoda Karoq and use trailers regularly or own a caravan, as it eliminates the stress of attaching and detaching the tow bar as and when it’s required.

When the feature is fitted in your car you should be able to see a small button located in the boot. Once you’ve pulled this towards you the tow bar itself will drop down from the rear bumper. The orange illumination on the button will also flash until the tow bar is manually locked in place. Once you’re done, retract the tow bar by pulling the button towards you and the tow bar will be released and drop down. Once it has dropped, you then manually push it back behind the rear bumper and it will lock in place, keeping it safely hidden until the next time it’s required.

Dash cam ready

Dash cams (or dashboard cameras) are becoming more popular and commonplace. The new Skoda Scala has a USB-C port located thoughtfully and conveniently above the rear view mirror, right next to where the dash cam is usually located. This means no more dealing with the mess or headache of installing the power connection to your dash cam. Forget having to rip up parts of the car trim to run the cable more neatly, or having an unsightly and distracting wire dangling down to the centre console power socket.

A quick clean to boot

Skoda’s Simply Clever features also extend into the boot. For example there is a double-sided boot mat found in the Skoda Kamiq that has fabric on one side and plastic on the other, and fits perfectly to the dimensions of the floor, protecting your boot space when transporting dirty or wet items. 

When you come back to a car after a trip to the beach or with a muddy kit after the footy, the last thing you want to worry about is staining the boot, but with a boot mat that can be removed and wiped clean in seconds there’s nothing to worry about at all. 

But wait, there’s more…

So there you have it, an introduction to some of the “hidden” features that can be found across the Skoda range of vehicles. There are lots more Simply Clever solutions to be found, not to mention the innovative safety and technological features such as ambient lighting that enhance the driving and riding experience of any Skoda vehicle.  

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