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The Skoda Kodiaq Contributes to a Strong 2019 Start

The Skoda Kodiaq Contributes to a Strong 2019 Start
May 31, 2019 Ross Wells


When you look for a new Skoda Kodiaq review, you will learn a great deal about the strengths of this European SUV crossover. Skoda is rapidly moving out from under Volkswagens shadow, and their recent Australian releases have certainly caught the attention of the car buying public. This is reflected in the sales figures, Skoda has had a strong start to 2019 despite being held back slightly by constrained supplies. Let’s take a closer look at how Skoda has performed in Australia during Q1.

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Q1 Sales Figures

Skoda is up by 21% on their year to date sales figures compared to the same quarter in 2018. Most of the sales were driven by the Skoda Kodiaq, Octavia and Superb models. This sales performance is actually defying the current car market trends, and it’s enabled Skoda Australia to enjoy an extremely strong start to 2019. This double digit growth in car sales for the January to March period is very significant, and it bodes well for the rest of 2019. This growth in sales is even more impressive if you bear in mind the Skoda Australia has been struggling with supply constraint issues throughout Q1.

A Sales Breakdown for February

Let’s take a look at a February sales figures breakdown for each Skoda model sold here in Australia in order of cars sold.

Skoda Australia sold and registered 495 cars during the month of February alone. Skoda is still concerned that their supply constraint issues are still a challenge that needs to be resolved. In fact, Skoda Australia believes that they can sell even more cars if they can get the supply situation sorted out for Q2 and beyond.

As you can see, the new Skoda Kodiaq has certainly caught the imagination of Aussie drivers. This should come as no surprise, Australian car buyers are still in love with the SUV crossover segment, it’s a hotly contested market and there a not a lot of genuine European styled alternatives available for drivers that want something genuinely different.

The Supply Constraint Issues

Michael Irmer is the managing director of Skoda Australia, he said “Since October, the supply of the Octavia has been approximately half of the previous rate of sales,” he added “Octavia outperformed the forecasts up until to Q3 2018 after which there was no additional supply.” he then said “That has now been rectified, so Octavia will bounce back in the next quarter.” When asked about the Kodiaq, Mr. Irmer said “The Kodiaq SUV is the biggest seller for Skoda now” he added, “we expect this to remain the case to further grow this year with production ramping up.”

Plans for the Future

Skoda announced last year that they have bold plans for Australia in 2019. The existing model range in only the beginning, we have the new Scala hatch and the Kamiq crossover release to look forward to. Skoda Australia is planning to introduce a fully electric vehicle here by 2012, and they expect to sell 12,000 cars here annually by 2023.

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