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The Skoda Octavia Wagon Is Your Everyday Family Wagon

The Skoda Octavia Wagon Is Your Everyday Family Wagon
April 19, 2020 Ross Wells
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The fourth generation of the Skoda Octavia was unveiled during November last year.


Are you looking at purchasing the next-gen 2020 variant of the Skoda Octavia Wagon in Perth, from a reputable car dealer? Well, you’re in luck, this best selling car model from the Czech automaker also retains some of its best value proposition that has captivated a niche in the market. 


The Octavia, including its estate variant, features a fresh looking interior and several new technologies. It comes with decent standard equipment and a selection of fuel-efficient engines.


Is Skoda Octavia Wagon a good car? 

The Skoda Octavia Wagon is an impressive vehicle which, marries comfort and practicality in a wagon that defies the current trends. 


The Octavia has long been regarded as one of the best cars in the estate category. Since its inception, it has captured a market segment that clamours a stylish yet practical ride. With the latest update, the Octavia has also added a bit of cabin and storage space.


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Is Skoda Octavia Wagon a 4wd? 

Not all variants of the Skoda Octavia have an all-wheel-drive (AWD). Regardless of this, the humble station wagon has long been a go-to for buyers needing the comfort of a family car. It has added space afforded by its boxy dimensions. Every carmaker offered a wagon as part of its wider range, and they moved out of dealerships and onto our roads in decent numbers.


However, there is also a 4×4 version with an electronically controlled clutch. The 4WD option can also be matched with either the petrol or diesel engine and have either manual or automatic transmission. 


Aside from a 4WD variant, Skoda is also selling the Octavia in a front-wheel-drive chassis. Furthermore, both chassis options also have an active suspension setup. 


Skoda is also offering a wide range of power train options for the Skoda such as petrol, diesel, plug-in, compressed natural gas, and hybrid. Petrol engines, which are quite popular in Australia, ranges from 1.0 to 2.0-Litres and output are between 81 kW and 200 Nm to 140 kW to 320 Nm.


Is there a hybrid Skoda Octavia Wagon? 

Yes – the Skoda Octavia Wagon has a plug-in hybrid variant which uses a 1.4-Litre petrol engine which produces 150 kW and 350 Nm. 


Unfortunately, because of Australia’s sulphur-rich petrol, the plug-in and 48V hybrid variants may not be initially offered in the country during their 2021 launch.


How big is a Skoda Octavia Wagon?

The dimensions of the Skoda Octavia vary between the hatch and wagon, and the regular model vs the RS.


So, even though there is a size difference, it is pretty miniscule. 

The hatch is 4670mm long (2686mm wheelbase), 1461mm tall and 1814mm wide. 


The regular wagon isn’t as long at 4667mm (2686mm wheelbase), but sits a bit taller (1465mm) and is the same width (1814mm).


Thankfully the interior dimensions are accommodating, and the design in the cabin is very, very smart.


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