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The Third Generation Skoda Fabia – Is It Any Good?

The Third Generation Skoda Fabia – Is It Any Good?
April 16, 2020 Ross Wells
The Third Generation Skoda Fabia Is It Any Good

Although it was not given a new platform or has not been completely redesigned, this year’s new Skoda Fabia still has noticeable and notable changes in it. The third-generation Fabia had a facelift to somehow aesthetically compete with its rivals on the market. Such a facelift is necessary, especially that some of its stablemates have been given new platforms; this includes the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, and just recently, the Audi A1.



Expected Light Facelift

There are two available options for the 2020 Skoda Fabia, namely Black and Comfort. As mentioned, the facelift includes a black grille, along with alloy wheels finished in the same colour, wing mirror caps, and an optional black roof to complement the aesthetic enhancement introduced to this third-generation Fabia. 

At first glance, you might mistake the latest Fabia as an old model, but it packs new features inside and out. And for a small family, the 2020 Fabia is still relatively spacious with its 1,150 litres of space. Thanks to its boxy, tall, and nice design, both the front and back offer a commanding view for the driver. The high roofline makes it more comfortable for drivers gifted with height. 

In terms of driving, the new Fabia sports two engine options for buyers. And for those shopping and still hoping for the comeback of the Diesel engine, this year’s model only offers petrol engine.


Engine Options 

The lower-priced Fabia sports a standard 1.0-litre MPI model, which is conducive for drivers that have no need for speed. It has an acceleration of 10.1 s to 100 km/h and a max torque of 175 Nm. However, if you still insist on buying this car for its practical value, you may want to consider its alternative option, the turbocharged 1.0-litr
e TSI engines. It has a top speed of 196 km/h, an acceleration 10.1 s to 100 km/h, and a max torque of 175 Nm. 

The latter model sporting a more powerful engine is relatively faster and could easily perform its intended job while being economical and comfortable. The latter showcases power, economy, refinement, and comfort, which is often what most buyers look for a hatchback. If you are looking for a slick and high-performance car, this year’s Skoda Fabia is a great option.



Although Skoda Fabia can easily be overlooked because of the latest designs and platforms its competitors are offering, it would be a complete mistake to ignore it. The third generation Fabias definitely come with awesome technology and design enhancements you surely need to try out. If you are satisfied with its dated architecture, easy to drive specs, newly amped-up instrument cluster, redesigned and enhanced exteriors, better safety features, and spacious offer for its category, you should consider buying this car. If you or your family like to explore the outskirts of town, this car is definitely more than sufficient. For an everyday city drive, the 2020 third-generation Skoda Fabia doesn’t disappoint as well. 

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