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The Ultimate Hatchback? Skoda Scala Review

Skoda Scala blue color

As a new addition to the Skoda roster, the Skoda Scala is here to make a real impact thanks to its timeless family design and abundance of advanced technologies. The practicability and dynamic silhouette give this car a hugely diverse appeal to all sorts of age groups. What this means for Skoda is that they now have an option that can help to challenge the Toyota Corolla, and be in direct competition with other popular hatchbacks such as the VW Golf and Hyundai i30.

This is the full review of the new Skoda Scala, giving you an insight into what you need to know about the car and how its style and functionality are going to propel it forwards for many years to come.

Next Level of Design

The first thing you notice upon first look at the Skoda Scala is that this compact hatchback features sharply cut headlamps that help give it an added sporty touch. These headlamps in combination with the front grille make the front of the car instantly recognisable, whilst still retaining the characteristic lines that continue to evolve in line with the Skoda design language.

The SunSet tinted rear windows are another added bonus that standout in the side profile. These smartly designed windows help protect rear passengers from glare, perfect for protecting your kids in the back for the school drop off and pick up routine.

Unrivalled Comfort in its Class

On the roads, the steering in the Scala is precise and light, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. If you opt for the manual variant, the gearbox itself is very easy to operate, and the engine offers some nicely characterful performance on the roads. In the automatic model, there are also now paddle shifters on the steering wheel, giving you greater control of the gear you want to be in when driving.

Stepping inside the Scala and you’re presented with a snug interior with some nice classy touches. This interior cabin space becomes even cosier with LED ambient lights that run along the dashboard.

The optional Drivers Support Pack on the Ambition model also helps to make those cold winter mornings a little more bearable, with the addition of heated seats. The temperature on these seats is easily regulated by an individual control on the backside of the front armrest.

Safety Features That Have Your Back

Featuring a healthy amount of technology assists, your safety on the roads gets a little boost with the Skoda Scala. The rear camera, displayed on the 9.2-inch infotainment screen can help you navigate some of those tricky parking situations you often find yourself in around the city.

Available as a part of the Driver Support Pack, the side assist and rear traffic alert are two more useful features that give you greater confidence and safety in low visibility conditions. The car will apply the brakes automatically in scenarios where it detects an imminent danger, providing a safer experience for you and your family on the roads.

The Scala is also fitted with a Front Assist system, which has predictive pedestrian protection. This makes city driving, where pedestrians can walk out in front of you at any time, more safe, as the car will give you a visual or audible warning of the danger and giving you a gentle pump of the brakes.

Roomy Boot Space

In a time where it feels like the walls are coming in on us, the luxury of a roomy boot space and more space to stretch your legs is nothing to bat your eye at. The boot can hold a healthy 467L, which turns into 1410L when you fold down the back seats, giving it the crown at the top of its class for this capacity. The boot also has added luggage hooks on the sides giving you more space to hold bags more securely. This can come in handy if you need to keep something in a vertical position or want to avoid the bag flying around in the back if you need to brake suddenly.

Hatchbacks can sometimes be a little cramped in the back seats, but the Skoda Scala does offer a generous amount of room for people in the back, as well as having quite wide back doors. The practicality of the design for the boot and rear seats means that you can fit your kids, your big labrador or that new TV you’ve been wanting to buy quite comfortably.

Simply Clever Details

As always, the Skoda promise of “simply clever” is truly on display in the Skoda Scala, with all sorts of little intelligent additions to heighten both your driving experience and everyday needs. The front doors feature umbrellas and the little plastic tab on the windscreen helps keep your parking tickets in place. Knowing the city streets, this useful tab will certainly become well used in relatively no time at all.

The dynamic storage cubbies can be found throughout the car, giving you even more space for little items, if you’ve managed to fill up the spacious boot space. The front door also has the space to fit in a 1.5L water bottle, so you’ve got no excuse for not staying hydrated now! One of the great features of the new Skoda models is the automatic tailgate. This allows you to open or close the boot easily with your remote, or when sitting in the driver’s seat, which definitely comes in handy when the weather is looking a bit rough.

Perth City Skoda

The Skoda Scala is sure to cement its place in the hall of fame when it comes to legendary hatchbacks. Already becoming a solid competitor to some of the top names in its class, it’s definitely an affordable option to consider. If you’d like to get behind the wheel of the Scala, please book in a test drive with Perth City Skoda today.

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