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Tips for Taking Your Skoda Yeti Out on Country Roads

Tips for Taking Your Skoda Yeti Out on Country Roads
February 20, 2017 Ross Wells
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The Yeti is a fantastically versatile vehicle, but if you are planning a country adventure, you need to be prepared for driving in these different conditions. There is a vast difference between urban driving and being out on open country roads, so here some tips to help keep you safe.

Although urban roads can be unpredictable with traffic coming to a sudden stop, on a country road, you never know what is around the next bend. This means that you need to be ready for any changes in road conditions. Pay close attention to the road ahead, as treelines, fences and even power poles will give you an indication of what to expect ahead. Be sure to back off your Skoda Yeti over crests as the turns tend to be tighter and you may find it is a blind corner.

In the country, you may find that there is mud from farm vehicles, gravel, grass, dust or any other debris on the road. Since road speeds in the country tend to be a little higher, this makes it more of a problem when the traction conditions suddenly change. Remember that broken bitumen will offer less traction than a well formed road and country roads may not be well repaired. This means that you need to be alert for any changes in traction conditions, such as differences in road colours or any signs of damage.

On country roads, particularly at dusk and around dawn, you need to be alert for animals. You are unlikely to damage your vehicle hitting a rabbit, but if you cross paths with a kangaroo, you could risk serious damage unless you have fitted a bull bar to your Yeti. Remember that you should never swerve for an animal, so you need to be aware of the conditions and ready to take quick action.

If you get a puncture, break down or have some other problem, remember that you could be a long way from help. This means that you should be prepared for any problem. Ensure that your Yeti is fuelled up, you know your location, and you have plenty of supplies. You should always have fresh water, extra clothing, and some food, just in case you do need to walk to get help.

Driving in the country can be a little bit of a chore, but if you want a fantastic Sunday drive or are seeking an adventure, it is the place to go. If you are prepared, you can enjoy the open road and the wonderful scenery while staying safe.

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