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What Makes the Skoda Karoq Superior Among Its Competitors?

What Makes the Skoda Karoq Superior Among Its Competitors?
April 3, 2020 Ross Wells
What Makes the Skoda Karoq Superior Among Its Competitors?


The Skoda Karoq is one of Skoda’s midrange family SUVs. It is smaller than the Kodiaq and larger than the Kamiq. It offers both diesel and petrol engines, four-wheel and front-wheel-drive configuration, and manual and automatic transmission engines – definitely more than enough features to suit anyone’s preferences and needs.


Skoda packed a lot of helpful features in the Karoq, making it far superior when it comes to performance, appearance, comfort, and ease for both the drivers and the passengers. So, what exactly makes the Karoq better than its competitors like the Volkswagen Tiguan or the Nissan Qashqai?


What is it like to drive the Karoq?


Skoda worked hard to provide the best experience for the driver, the passengers, and even the neighbourhood – and it really shows. You won’t find any other family SUV that drives as silently as the Skoda Karoq. Their diesel engines might let out some slight kicks when revved, but their petrol ones, especially the 1.5 TSI SE 5dr, is one of the most silent vehicles on the streets. 


When it comes to handling, Skoda was able to find the right balance between sportiness and ease for the Karoq, really giving the vehicle its own distinct identity. Turning corners even at unusually faster speeds don’t give the driver the unpleasant pull that most vehicles do, due to centrifugal force. This can be attributed to the superior suspension that comes with the Karoq. Every turn feels easy, natural, and comfortable even if you’re using four-wheel drive.


The best driver experience


If you think it’s hard to drive a family SUV, then you clearly haven’t driven the Skoda Karoq. The Karoq offers a lot of adjustabilities to accommodate any driver’s very intricate preferences and specifications in driving. You also don’t have to worry about tight parking spaces and bumper-to-bumper traffic as the Karoq is installed with multiple parking sensors and cameras to assist you wherever you choose to go.


As for the entertainment factor, even the entry-level Karoq is equipped with a touchscreen display to provide you and your passengers with high-quality entertainment system, whether it be for movies or music.


The best passenger experience 


Passengers have a lot of options when it comes to their own entertainment. The entertainment system of the Skoda Karoq is Bluetooth-ready and compatible with Apple and Android phones. You can also choose to have it your way, with your tablet that can be installed on the tablet holder that’s attached for backseat passengers. On the midrange versions, everyone can enjoy the ease of control thanks to the gesture control features and wireless charging option that come with the entertainment system. Additionally, the rear space and boot space of the Karoq is very generous – definitely more than enough for passengers to have a comfortable seat and get their luggage organised.


How much is the Karoq?


The entry-level 1.0 TSI SE 5dr of the Skoda Karoq costs only less than $40,000 AUD while the top-range 2.0 TDI Edition 4×4 5dr DSG – automatic transmission costs around $62,000 AUD. Our favourite pick – the one with the best features for its price – is the 1.5 TSI SE L 5dr which only costs  $47,000 AUD. You can have the automatic version for only $2,400 AUD more.


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