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What to look for in a family car

What to look for in a family car

December 2, 2021 Amanda
Skoda Kodiaq Exterior

Having a family – especially a growing one – means that choosing a car can be incredibly
challenging, but is an important decision to make. The good news is there’s a broad selection available – you just
need to know what you’re looking for. But don’t stress – we’ve compiled a list of all the things you need to
consider when buying your next family car.

Think to the future

Think to the future - Toddler girl buckled into her car

If you’re planning to have additional bundles of joy in the family, whether human or furry, you need to make sure you
think about your future needs. You don’t want to invest in a smaller car that you love to later have to upgrade to
something larger.

If you have a smaller family and just need a car to get from A to B, a classic family sedan might be your best bet. But
if you love packing up and going away for sports weekends, you’re best to purchase a five or seven seater
with a little bit more room.


When purchasing a new family car, you’ll need to know what is the best choice for your needs. It is
going to be a significant investment, so you need to research and gather all the right information to make an informed

Having a family can be expensive, so it’s essential to purchase a car that fits within your budget. Purchasing a car
outright is the realistic choice, however if you choose to go with finance then you need to carefully consider other
financial aspects such as fuel consumption.

New or Used?

Pre-loved cars can be just as good as a brand new car. Sometimes, if you’re trying to be a bit more reserved with your
budget, a used car can be the ideal choice. There are many great used cars available at great prices – check out our
used car
if you want a breakdown on what to look for!

Also consider demo cars – they’re often a more affordable option and have had far fewer people drive them than a used

Design and Space

Design and Space - New Skoda Kodiaq 2022 new Interior details

If you have a medium size family, a classic sedan will probably be ideal. But if you’ve got a larger family and a lot of
junk to put in the trunk, a larger SUV like the seven seater Skoda Kodiaq is probably the way to go.

For families that want it all, and there are plenty of awesome design options available. SUVs are rendier than ever and
a must have for families, with manufacturers constantly redesigning to combine design, practicality and performance.

Comfort and Technology

Skoda Kodiaq - Comfort and Technology

Comfort along with some additional fancy tech is a main focus for today’s modern family, especially if you like the good
life and the taste of first-class luxury. Many SUV trim levels come with standard heated seats, leather
interior, Wireless Smartphone Connectivity and Wireless Charging
. You can also enjoy virtual cockpits with
even the driver’s seat remembering your preferences. If you are needing premium comfort every time you get behind the
wheel, you are going to need an awesome sound system you can put on full blast, and sing your favourite tunes with the

Consider your family’s lifestyle. Do you take tons of road trips? Some of the best comfort and technology will be
essential. Going from A to B? You might be totally fine with basic trim levels.


Storage Skoda kodiaq

How much do you need to cart around? Do you take the kids to soccer practice every weekend? Are you taking frequent
family trips with camping equipment in tow? Or do you have a furry friend that needs space to roam around in the cabin?
All of these things need to be considered when considering what to look for in a family car.

If you have a lot of bits and bobs, also consider in-cabin storage solutions. Some family cars come complete with
storage compartments to stash your sunnies, mobile phone and more. Multiple cup and bottle holders are a must for hot
days or longer trips, and you can even get cooled glove boxes to throw the kids sweets in.

For the kids in the back you are going to need multiple storage areas throughout and in the cargo area or it will end up
looking like a tip by the time you get to your destination. Remember, the bigger the SUV, the larger the storage space
will be. Even if you do not have a large family but carry lots of equipment, you’ll still need space.

No matter the size of your family, it’s better to have more storage space, than not enough. Today’s clever designs
provide creative storage spaces and innovations to ensure you’ll have everything you need within arms reach.

Passenger Seating

A must for mum and dad up the front are electronic, adjustable front seats and enough room to put the seats back for
naps. USB connections, wireless charging docks, smartphone compatibility, and everything else you might need to make
your life a little easier needs to be in easy reach.

Seating needs to be practical, especially if you plan to travel for more than a few days, and you are going to need the
good amount of space, to keep the kids far enough away so they don’t annoy you too much.

Boot Space and Storage

Boot Space and Storage in Skoda Kodiaq and Skoda Octavia

When it comes to boot space, SUVs offer much more room than smaller models. Even with the seven seats in use, you’ll get
more space to play with, and if you fold all seats away you’ll get massive space. Most SUVs have more than enough space
for families, and they just keep improving every year.

Safety and Features

The safety features available today are extensive, as manufacturers and scientists find better ways to keep you and your
family safe on the road.

From front assist with either city emergency brakes or multi-collision brakes, to fatigue protection, side assist with
blind spot detection, lane and traffic jam assist, airbags for every passenger seat, rear view cameras, rear parking
sensors, and more.

Child Seat Compatibility

Safety seat baby Car Passenger Seating in skoda kodiaq

Now, what would a family car be if it didn’t have child compatibility seats? The most important thing to know about
child seats is that they must pass rigorous safety testing and have valid certification to consider them safe. We like
the ISOFIX child fittings on the outer rear seats with top tethers, which come as standard fittings in the Skoda Octavia
and Skoda Kodiaq models.

Engine and Fuel Consumption

Does the car you’re looking at have a good fuel economy? Is it environmentally friendly? Does it have enough oomph to
get you where you need to go, and cart around all the junk that will inevitably end up in the cabin with your kids?
Something to consider when making that final model choice.

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