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Can’t decide? Compact Crossover meets Stylish Sportswagon. Kamiq vs Scala

Skoda kamiq vs skoda scala

Skoda Kamiq VS Scala:

Drag race these cars and you’d struggle to see which one crosses the line first. But live with them for a week and you’d soon realise these cars couldn’t be more different. Deciding between them will depend on what you prefer to do on weekends. Fans of the spontaneous trip down south should jump in the Skoda Kamiq, and suburban folk whose weekend dream is to beat the city traffic to the beach are better off behind the wheel of the Scala. Here’s what separates the two cars based on what you like and love.

Skoda Kamiq

Skoda Scala

1.0 litre three-cylinder turbo petrol 1.5 litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol
Power and Torque
85kW/200Nm 110kW/250Nm
Fuel Consumption
5.1L/100km 5.0L/100km
Seven-speed dual-clutch auto Seven-speed DSG
Drive Type
Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive
Boot space
400L, 1395L with rear seats down 467L, 1410L with rear seats down

Scala: the avant-garde Skoda

For the handsome individualist; the Skoda-lover who wants to show that not all Skodas are the same. For starters, it’s almost like an amalgamation of every good city-car but mixed in with some practical Skoda-ness that is especially endearing to you younger, more tech-savvy drivers out there today. The Scala really impresses with the looks, it’s lower more chiseled features make it the sassier choice.

So who should buy the Kamiq?

If you’ve ever dreamed about buying a plot of land down south, but still find yourself bound to the suburbs for work, get the Kamiq. It’ll fulfil your minimum crossover needs while remaining relevant in a fuel-conscious, space-saving way. The taller, utilitarian Kamiq is all about fun on the weekends. Take it basically anywhere that isn’t a 4 wheel drive track and it’ll happily chug along without any fuss. 

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Skoda Kamiq vs Scala: interior comforts

The Scala is smaller but has managed to deliver a roomy, functional cabin and a whopping 982mm of back seat headroom. Kids in the back also score face-level air-conditioning outlets, an armrest, good outward vision, and plenty of daylight with the optional full-length panoramic sunroof. The Kamiq is pretty comfortable too, anyone who’s super tall will enjoy how much space there is up front. The front spaciousness is complemented by a commanding ride height, a sort of must-have when competing with other SUVs. 

Which one is easier to live with?

Small and medium families will do well in either. The Scala does boast an extra 67 litres in the boot, which is equal to one of those big hiking rucksacks. That’s a fair bit more, so take that into account when you’re planning your next road trip. If boot space is a big deal for you, the Scala will be your first choice. 

Skoda Scala vs Kamiq: the grunt

The Kamiq and Scala both start out with a fun 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine with a choice of a manual and automatic while those after a bit more oomph on the country roads should upgrade to the 1.5-litre turbo four-cylinder petrol engine matched to a seven-speed twin-clutch auto. It’s a lot of fun. 

I want a safe car. Which one is better for me?

Both cars boast top ANCAP ratings, and with 9 airbags apiece, you’re not really going to find much separating them in terms of tech. It comes down to the finer details, like the Kamiq’s incredible over the shoulder visibility. Don’t expect the same in the Skoda Scala: its behinds simply aren’t as generous as the Kamiq’s. That being said, the Scala does happen to have some pretty neat rear traffic sensing tech that detects threats over 70 meters away

Skoda Kamiq vs Scala: fuel costs

On the daily grind, both these cars are as non-invasive and polite as any good-roommate should be. The fuel stats are pretty impressive: don’t expect to be digging deep with only 0.1 litres separating them at 5.0 and 5.1l/100km, that’s pretty savvy. 


The Kamiq feels responsive and smooth on the road, with a good sense of balance, it feels grippy and capable too. The Scala has a satisfying on-road performance, and with a lower body, expect it to be slightly better on the corners. But when it comes to the rough, the Kamiq’s extra 37mm of ground clearance will make that ride far more palatable. 

The verdict

For city driving, grab the Scala and be pleasantly surprised on a road trip. For efficient, hassle-free country driving, get the Kamiq and be equally surprised about how good it is in the city. When it comes down to the wire, you’re going to choose based on looks, lifestyle, and how it feels in the front seat. If you’re test driving one, be sure to check out the other. You may have an epiphany. 

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