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Why You Need to Read Your Skoda Superb Owner’s Manual

Why You Need to Read Your Skoda Superb Owner’s Manual
May 16, 2018 Ross Wells

So, you’re excitedly wandering around a Skoda Superb sale event, but there’s one piece of standard of equipment that is often overlooked. While the salesperson may demonstrate many of the features when you collect your new Superb, it’s unlikely that your owner’s manual will be mentioned, but this is an important ownership tool.

Skoda Superb

Get to Know Your New Superb

While the easiest way to get to know your new Skoda Superb is to sit behind the wheel, your owner’s manual can also be a great way to learn about your new car. While many features may be straightforward or like your old car, some will be more complex, and you may need help to learn how to use them best. Reading your owner’s manual is not an admission of failure, it will provide you with simple instructions to get the best out of your new Superb.

Quick and Organised

Most owner’s manuals have more pages than a best seller, but this doesn’t mean you need to spend weeks reading it cover to cover. The manuals are set up to be quick and organised, so you can get to the information you need. Look in the back, and you’ll find an index, so you can look up any details. Whether you want to change a fuse or learn where your ISOFIX anchor points are located, you’ll find the information in your owner’s manual. You’ll also find more in depth information, possibly in a separate booklet, to learn how to set up and use the infotainment system.

Learn the Tips and Tricks

Skoda models are packed with innovations, but you’ll need to know the tricks. Fortunately, you’ll find lots of tips and tricks in the owner’s manual. Without the owner’s manual, you may never realise that the luggage compartment light can be removed to be used as a torch. You may not ever find the two umbrellas that are stowed in the front door jambs or the rear seat mobile phone cradle. The Simply Clever innovations are items that you’re not likely to find on any non Skoda models, so you’ll need your owner’s manual to help you make the most of them.

Your owner’s manual is a wealth of information and can help you to enjoy your new car to the fullest. Skoda has put a great amount of money and effort into designing the Superb, so you’ll need your manual to help you learn about your car inside and out. So, take a little time and consider your owner’s manual a little light bedtime reading.

If you’d like to learn more about the new Skoda Superb, Perth drivers should call in and see us. We have an impressive stock of models including the new Skoda Superb. You’ll also find our sales staff is ready to answer any queries, discuss your finance options or arrange your test drive.

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