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The Perfect ŠKODA Cars for Cyclists

The Perfect ŠKODA Cars for Cyclists
November 13, 2023 Amanda
ŠKODA Cars for Cyclists

At ŠKODA, our journey commenced not on four wheels, but two.


A love for cycling is embedded in our heritage, a legacy that began with the crafting of our ‘Slavia’ bicycle in 1895 by our founders, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. Our voyage from a bicycle manufacturer to a globally recognised automobile manufacturer has been exhilarating, yet our devotion to cycling remains unwavering. This enduring passion is mirrored in our contemporary car designs that cater to the modern-day cyclist.


Our vehicles are not merely about driving; they represent a fusion of our historic cycling ethos with the modern-day needs of cyclists. The utility, ease, and safety they offer make them a cyclist’s companion on the road. As we unfold the narrative of our cyclist-friendly car models, we aren’t just showcasing vehicles; we’re sharing a part of our rich cycling heritage interwoven with automotive excellence. Our commitment is to ensure that the camaraderie between cyclists and the road thrives, with ŠKODA as a reliable companion on this exhilarating journey.


The Significance of Cycling and ŠKODA’s Commitment


ŠKODA's Commitment on Cycling


ŠKODA’s commitment to the cycling community shines brightly through our sponsorship of the Tour de France since 2004. We have dedicated around 305 vehicles as neutral support vehicles, including the technologically adept ŠKODA Red Car, which serves as a mobile command centre for the Tour Director.


Moreover, our support was extended to the 2022 UCI Road World Championships, exemplifying on-road excellence for both cars and cyclists. The reinvigoration of the Tour De Femmes in 2022 further delineates our unwavering support for the sport.


Incorporating Cycling Passion into Car Design


Our car designs are more than just an epitome of automotive innovation; they are a homage to our enduring love for cycling. With each model we craft, the legacy of our cycling heritage is thoughtfully interwoven. Key features such as lockable bike carriers and blind spot detection are carefully integrated to ensure a harmonious co-existence of cyclists and motorists on the road. These cyclist-friendly accessories and safety features not only echo our rich cycling legacy but also underline our continuous endeavour to bridge the gap between the cycling and motoring communities, making the road a safer and more enjoyable space for all.


Exploring ŠKODA’s Cyclist-Friendly Car Models


SKODA Superb Wagon


The SKODA Superb Wagon emerges as an epitome of blending functionality with elegance, making it a preferred choice among the cyclist community.


One of its standout features is the ample space it provides, capable of accommodating two adult mountain bikes once the rear seats are folded. This ease of transport allows cyclists to venture out to new trails without needing a bike rack or carrier.


For those seeking more adventurous terrains, the 4WD option ensures a steady and safe drive to the starting point of your cycling journey. The option for lockable bike carriers adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your bikes remain safe and secure as you travel.


Being recognised as a Tour de France support fleet car, the Superb Estate has proven its mettle in the realm of professional cycling, a testimony to its reliability and practical design. Moreover, the chilled glove department is a small but thoughtful feature, providing a cool respite for your refreshments after a long ride.


Every aspect of the SKODA Superb Estate car is crafted with the cyclist in mind, from its spacious interiors to its robust exterior features, making it not just a car, but an extension of the cycling adventure.


SKODA Kodiaq


why we ride cycling Skoda Kodiaq tips4


The SKODA Kodiaq is more than just an SUV; it’s a mountain biker’s dream on four wheels. With its rugged design and cyclist-centric features, it stands as a good choice for those seeking adventures on less-trodden paths. The heart of its appeal lies in the foldable rear rows of seats, which, when folded, create a generous cargo space for securely storing mountain bikes, ensuring they remain unscathed during transit.


Its four-wheel drive capability further enhances its appeal, providing a sturdy grip on uneven terrains which ensures safe passage to the trailheads. Accommodating up to seven passengers, the Kodiaq does not compromise on space or comfort, making it suitable for group expeditions.


One of its thoughtful design aspects is the absence of a boot lip, simplifying the loading and unloading of bikes. Coupled with an impressive cargo volume capacity of up to 2005 litres in the 5-seater configuration, it generously caters to the storage needs of biking gear and other essentials.


The high towing capacity of up to 2000kg, along with high ground clearance, underscores its readiness for challenging adventures. Furthermore, the chilled glove compartment provides a refreshing touch, allowing for cool beverages after a strenuous ride.
With every feature meticulously designed, the ŠKODA Kodiaq extends an invitation to mountain bikers for explorations unbound, promising a harmonious blend of adventure and convenience.


SKODA Octavia Wagon


Skoda Octavia Perth City Skoda


The SKODA Octavia Wagon is a manifestation of SKODA’s enduring affinity for cycling, a lineage tracing back to our humble beginnings as a bicycle company. This rich heritage fuels our understanding of cyclists’ needs, which is eloquently translated into Octavia’s bike-friendly features.


At the forefront is the availability of tow bar bike accessories, simplifying the task of securely mounting bicycles for transit. This feature, along with lockable roof rails, ensures that your bikes are safely stored and ready to be unleashed on the trails.


The interior of the Octavia is just as thoughtfully designed with cyclists in mind. Velcro storage elements provide a versatile solution for organising cycling gear, ensuring it remains in place regardless of the road conditions.


The Octavia also comes with a chilled glove compartment, a small but meaningful feature providing a cool respite for your beverages after an exhilarating ride.


The newer models of the Octavia Estate also have the added-on option to come with heated seats, which can help relax your leg muscles post-ride.




Skoda KAROQ Perth City Skoda


The SKODA Karoq elegantly embodies the blend of a standard family crossover with modern-day comforts and tech features, making it an attractive choice for cyclists.


One of its standout features is the reversible wipe-clean mat in the boot, which proves to be a good option for cyclists, especially after a rain-soaked ride. This thoughtful feature allows for easy cleaning, ensuring the car remains tidy even after transporting muddy bikes.


The Karoq further extends its appeal to cyclists with the VarioFlex removable seating system. This feature provides the flexibility of creating more space for bikes and gear, adapting to the needs of the journey.


Additionally, the availability of lockable bike carriers and roof rack accessories simplifies the task of securely transporting bikes, making the transition from home to trail a breeze. The virtual pedal for hands-free boot opening adds a layer of convenience, especially when hands are full with cycling gear.


Every feature of the SKODA Karoq is a testament to ŠKODA’s understanding of the needs of cyclists, offering a vehicle that harmoniously blends family needs with mountain biking adventures, ensuring every journey is a memorable one.




Skoda Kamiq Cycling Perth City Skoda


As a relatively new car to the Australian market, the SKODA Kamiq has quickly carved a niche for itself among cycling enthusiasts.


The roof racks stand out as a pivotal feature, providing a robust platform for securely transporting bicycles. Coupled with lockable bike carriers, the Kamiq ensures that your bikes are safely stored, making them ready for mountain biking adventures at a moment’s notice.


The organisational ease is further enhanced with its Net Program, a practical luggage net that ensures your cycling gear remains organised and easily accessible in your boot space.


Also, the chilled glove department offers a cool haven for refreshments, a small yet impactful feature that adds a touch of comfort to your cycling expeditions. Every facet of the SKODA Kamiq is meticulously designed to resonate with the cycling spirit.


Experience the Ride Yourself


The legacy of SKODA’s cycling roots continues to thrive through its modern car designs, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of bike owners.


The SKODA Superb, Kodiaq, Octavia, Karoq, and Kamiq each embody a unique blend of practicality, safety, and convenience, making them the best cars for both urban and mountain bikers alike.


Book a test drive with SKODA Perth today and experience the harmonious blend of cycling and driving for yourself. Embrace the journey with a SKODA by your side.

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