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6 things to consider when choosing the best car for retirement

So you’ve said goodbye to corporate life and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy retirement. Chances are even though you no longer have to deal with that pesky morning commute, you’ll still need a car to get you from A to B.
Whether it’s that weekly grocery shop, catching up with friends, or driving to and from appointments. Regardless of where you’ll be going, your life has changed pretty drastically. After all, you’re not spending 40 hours a week at work anymore. Your lifestyle has changed – and your daily driver might need to change with it.
But what do you look for? It can be a little overwhelming trying to find the best cars for retirement, especially when you’re also adjusting to this new lifestyle. So what should you consider when choosing the best car for retirement? We’ve written a list of the top X things you should be considering before you find the right car and make that purchase.

1. Reliability and Safety

This is always a big one, especially for older drivers choosing the best car for retirement. What safety features are available? We’ve entered an era now where active safety measures can help us to detect problems early and take action to avoid a potential collision. Technology is so sophisticated that it can quickly act where your reflexes might not be as quick anymore.

Slower reactions are an inevitable part of aging – if the car can act that fraction quicker, it can give you that extra edge you may be needing.

Safety features to look out for in your new car are:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Collision warning
  • Fatigue warning
  • Adaptive cruise control

Look for cars with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, and pay attention to the number of airbags and where they’re located in the cabin.

Many modern cars are equipped with a plethora of equipment to improve visibility for drivers, too, such as wide wing mirrors, rear camera systems, and the aforementioned blind spot monitoring.

Look out for these features in your next retirement car, and you will feel safer on the road.

2. Depreciation

Here’s the thing – news cars depreciate by around 25% within the first twelve months; after three years, it gets up to around 50%.
So when looking for the best car for retirement, you might be better of choosing a later model car instead of a shiny brand new model. That way, more money is going into your retirement account – which is always good news.
You might even consider getting a used car instead. A lot of newer model used cars have all of the above safety features – you just need to find them. If you want to find out how to find the perfect used car, check out our used car buying guide.

3. Do you need to downsize?

Chances are, any kids you have are grown up and you’re not having to cart around as many people these days. You might not need that SUV anymore, or if both you and your partner each have a car, you might not need two cars.
Take a moment to reassess your needs and ask yourself if you’d be better off with a hatchback or sedan.

4. Accessibility

Is accessibility something you need to consider? Cars that are too low or too high off the ground, like sports cars or large SUVs, will make life a lot more difficult in the long run. You might consider smaller cars, like a sedan, or hatchback, or even a small to midsize SUV as your new daily driver.
Line of sight is also something to think about. You want a car with good visibility on the road. Make sure you actually sit in the driver’s seat to have a look at what you can actually see when you hit the road. Cars with a high seating position are great for higher visibility.
Look out for cars that are easy to enter and exit without having to contort your body too much. Avoid sports seats as the side bolsters can be painful on your hips. Instead, look for a comfortable seat that can be adjusted electrically to avoid manual adjustment.
Another accessibility feature to look out for is large doors – the larger the door, the easier it is to slide in and get on your way.

5. Comfort

Now is the perfect time to get all of those comfort features you’ve always wanted. And that means more than just cushioned seats. For senior drivers, heated seats can be a lifesaver for any soreness they might experience. Make sure the steering wheel is in a comfortable position so you’re not needing to hunch.
A nice spacious cabin that doesn’t feel too cramped is also vital in finding a great car for retirement. Many modern cars have an abundance of comfort features, such as climate control or massage seats, which are often operated from easy-to-use infotainment systems.

6. Easy-to-use Equipment

Many pieces of in-car infotainment systems can now be used via a touch screen making it easy to locate and operate. Other useful features for those suffering from arthritis would be a push-button start to avoid using keys and automatic headlamps that dim automatically when facing oncoming vehicles.

Find your perfect retirement car

If you’re on the hunt for a great car for retirement, get in touch with us here at Skoda Perth. We have an extensive choice of both new and used Skoda cars available to purchase now.

The best way to find the right car for you is to get behind the wheel, so come on down and take a no-obligation test drive. We’ll be on deck to answer all your questions and find a car that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

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