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7 BIG Advantages of Small Cars

It seems like these days the car market is constantly celebrating larger vehicles. And yeah, we can see the appeal. Here at Perth City Skoda, we have our own range of stunning and innovative larger cars, and there are
definitely reasons for their popularity.

But don’t minimise how great small cars can be. Better fuel efficiency, affordable servicing, and easy parallel parking – the advantages speak for themselves.

If you’re in the market for a new car and you’re not sure which kind of model will suit your lifestyle, don’t underestimate small cars – because really, they have some BIG benefits.

Let’s break down all of the advantages of small cars.

Better fuel economy

Fuel efficiency is a number one selling point with rising fuel prices. And the beauty of subcompact cars is that your wallet will love you when it comes time to fill up the tank for the week.

Small cars have thrifty smaller engines and are far lighter than a standard SUV or sedan, meaning better fuel economy and a happier you.

Not to mention, it’s far more environmentally friendly.

Cars like the Skoda Fabia have excellent fuel consumption, averaging somewhere around 6.1L/100km. A lot of small cars, including the Fabia, have start-stop technology that cuts the engine when idling to save fuel – while also contributing less pollution.

Slide into that parking space with ease

Smaller cars = easier to manoeuvre. And that means easier to park.

You know when you go grocery shopping and there’s one sneaky spot left, with a sign saying “small cars only”? Well, that’s your time to shine when you have a small car.

Slide into that parking spot with ease and space to spare.

You might be thinking that with all of the incredible innovations cars have these days, like parking assist and rearview cameras, having a smaller vehicle doesn’t matter – any car is a breeze to slide into that space, right?

But truth be told, some spaces are genuinely just a lot smaller than others. Whether that’s the space itself, or the people on either side of you that have done a bit of a rough job of their own parking. Small cars just make it so easy, you won’t even have to think twice about it.

Driving down smaller streets and manoeuvring your car during traffic and through parking lots becomes a breeze in a zippy, compact size car.

They’re fun to drive

Speaking of zippy, there really isn’t anything better than hitting that accelerator and zooming off into the horizon in no time at all. Zipping around in a compact car is just a lot more fun.

The small body size leads to much better agility on the roads, making them super responsive and ideal for city driving. From work to shopping to brunch on the weekends, you’re guaranteed to get there with ease in a small car.

Affordable in more ways than one

Small cars are simply more affordable in general when purchasing a new car, but the affordability doesn’t stop there.

Servicing and maintenance costs are also a lot cheaper with a smaller car, and as a result, insurance premiums are a lot lower, meaning you can hit the road for a lot less.

Pair that with the great fuel efficiency and you’ll be saving your cash in no time at all – or spending it on something else a lot more fun.

The safety element

Automotive safety has come leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. Advancements in engineering and technology mean that small cars are just as safe as their larger counterparts – and car manufacturers are packing everything they can into these compact bodies.

Stronger materials mean that, despite their small size, compact cars can withstand greater impacts than they previously could. Ever-improving technology also means safety features are in abundance, including multi-collision braking, lane assist, electronic stability control, and many others.

Airbags throughout the cabin also protect you in the event of any car accidents. Also consider that small cars have a much lower centre of gravity than larger cars, particularly SUVs, vans, and utes, so they are less likely to roll over in the event of an accident. While any car can roll over, generally smaller cars are less prone to it, which is something to keep in mind in the event of an accident.

Packed with great features

Safety features aside, small cars these days are also packed full of other technologies to make your drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Impressive infotainment systems, smartphone compatibility, climate control, and other handy features make for a pretty sweet ride.

Here at Skoda, we also incorporate our Simply Clever solutions into every model – including mobile phone holders, umbrellas conveniently hidden in the car doors, foldable luggage hooks, and cargo netting to name just a few.

Perfect for singles and smaller families

If you’re a single, couple, or small family, chances are you probably don’t need a large SUV. Compact cars can be the ideal option for all of the above reasons, including the simple fact that you just don’t need all the
space that a big car provides.

And all that being said, it’s not like small cars these days are cramped. Quite the opposite – smaller cars now have more room than ever before. Wider bodies and innovative cabin layouts mean you and your passengers can fit in comfortably, with room for all of your stuff as well.

Ready for your new car?

If you’re looking for some new wheels and you think a small car might be the one for you, come down to City Skoda Perth and test drive a Skoda Fabia in Perth today.

The Fabia is the ideal compact car, and with its abundance of fantastic features and clever cabin design, you won’t even feel like you’re in a compact car at all.

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