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7 Must Haves For Your Skoda Yeti and Peaceful Family Trips

7 Must Haves For Your Skoda Yeti and Peaceful Family Trips
November 20, 2017 Ross Wells
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The Skoda Yeti car is an ideal family vehicle, and when you drove yours from the showroom, you may have already been planning family road trips. However, before you start packing up the kids, there are some must haves for your Yeti to enjoy a peaceful trip.

Most parents are concerned about their kids’ screen time, but on a road trip tablets and smartphones can make the journey far more enjoyable. Allowing each child to have their own device can save arguments and keep the peace. Just be sure that everyone has headphones or earbuds to avoid noise pollution and a war of increasing volumes.

Since you are likely to have a plethora of devices, you need to make sure that you can keep them all charged. Fortunately, the Skoda Yeti has USB, Aux, and other connectors. If you are struggling with devices, consider bringing a multi USB power socket that can be branched to several devices at once.

Internet coverage isn’t always guaranteed, so make sure that your devices have offline apps installed. There are lots of educational tools, games, videos, books and music apps that will keep your kids entertained even if you are heading into an internet blackspot.

Eventually, even the most tech savvy kids can get bored of their devices, so make sure that you have a few toys or games in the car. Avoid things with small pieces that can get lost between seats.

Food and drink are vital for a road trip, so ensure that you pack enough for everyone. Avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks that can cause hyperactivity and try to stick to foods that are healthy and can be eaten without a mess.

Inevitably, there will be wrappers, bottles and other debris generated by your journey. So, you need to ensure that you have rubbish bags or a bin handy. Make sure the kids know where they need to place their rubbish to keep everything neat and tidy.

It is also a good idea to have a small clean up kit. Hand sanitiser, wipes, and sick bags can be invaluable for food messes or cases of car sickness. If you do have a child who is prone to car sickness, consider getting car sick backs from the chemists to keep in your Yeti. These can help avoid spillage and upsetting the rest of the kids in the backseat.

The Skoda Yeti is a fantastic vehicle for those family trips, but you still need to be prepared. If you are considering buying a Skoda Yeti for sale, Perth drivers should visit us first. We have a fantastic selection of Skoda models including the Yeti, and our sales team members are on hand to answer any queries or arrange your test drive.

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