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Driving Your Skoda Superb Without Carrying Your Licence is Illegal?

Driving Your Skoda Superb Without Carrying Your Licence is Illegal?

September 11, 2018 Ross Wells

When you drive your Skoda Superb or any other car you need to carry your driving licence with you. If you’re stopped and asked to produce your driving licence and if you cannot, you are breaking the law. This is true in every Australian state and territory, and this will result in an on the spot fine in certain states. Let’s take a closer look at how this could affect you as you drive around our country.

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How Things Differ from State to State

When you take your Skoda Superb 2018 model out of the state on a trip, it’s a good idea to take your driving licence with you. It’s a good idea to consult relevant road authorities to ensure that you have the very best up to date information. However, the need to carry your driving licence will not change, here is some state by state guidance on how the law is applied across Australia.

Western Australia

Let’s start here at home if you’re pulled over on our roads, and you’re not carrying a valid driving licence you are in trouble. The New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services has stated a clear stance on driving without a licence and violators can expect a $110 fine. It’s also very likely that this could make calling roadside assistance more difficult. Also dealing with Police at the scene of an accident would be far more problematic than it already is.


If you’re stopped in Victoria and cannot produce your learning permit or driving licence on request, it could result in a fine of $159. However, you could avoid this fine if you can take your licence into a Police station within seven days of failing to produce in out on the road.

Queensland and South Australia

Both of these states treat this offence in a similar manner to Victoria. It’s still illegal to drive without carrying a valid driving or provisional licence. However, you could be given the option to produce your licence at a Police station within 48 hours of your failure to produce it on the road. This will prevent you from receiving a penalty and fine.


Tasmania has penalties that are graded according to a severity scale on the Tasmanian Transport offences list. Driving without a valid regular Australian driving licence could result in a $79.50 fine. If you drive without your restricted licence, this rises to a fine of almost $200.

Australian Capital Territory

When your drive in the ACT without carrying your driving licence you’re risking a $193 fine if you cannot produce it upon request.

Northern Territory

It’s still illegal to drive without carrying your licence in the Northern Territory, but the government website isn’t specific on the penalties that are applied.

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