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Is it Illegal to Have Non-Alcoholic Drinks When Driving Your Skoda Fabia?

Is it Illegal to Have Non-Alcoholic Drinks When Driving Your Skoda Fabia?
March 22, 2019 Ross Wells

The Skoda Fabia is an excellent family car that comes with some plenty of gadgets and safety features. Like many modern cars it has cupholders to hold our drinks, but can we drink while driving. Of course, it goes without saying that we shouldn’t drink alcohol and drive, but what about non-alcoholic drinks? In this article, we will look into this subject in more detail so that you can stay legal on the road.

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Drinking and Driving

So, it’s a simple question, is it illegal to drink a non-alcoholic beverage when you’re driving a Skoda Fabia or any other car? The short answer is no; it is illegal to have any open container of alcohol in your car while you drive. But, there is no law to stop a driver sipping a can of drink when they are driving along the freeway.

Drinking Sensibly

It’s probably a good idea to avoid hot drinks when you’re driving and stick to a cold canned drink or a bottle of water. These containers are easier to handle, and if you drop them, all you need to worry about is an internal clean. Avoid using 1L or larger bottles of drink as they are hard to control when driving and in a collision, they will be a dangerous projectile in the cabin.

If you drink hot beverages as you drive your car, it introduces a number of additional problems. A hot drink container should always have a lid, and it must be fastened into your Fabia cup holder before setting off. This will minimise the chances of being scalded by the hot liquid as you drive. Cradling a hot drink between your thighs as you drive is illegal, more than one road accident has been caused when a hot drink has scalded a drivers legs. Looking down when you’re being scalded is instinctive, and this will take your eyes off the road ahead. When you’re not paying attention your reaction times are lower, and you will be less able to avoid an accident.

Other Legal Implications

It’s important that drivers are attentive on the road and if a car is behaving in an erratic fashion, it’s far more likely to be pulled over by the Police. There are laws in place to punish drivers that don’t pay attention to the road, so it’s important to be sensible if you sip a soft drink while driving. Try to look up at all time, feel for the can or cup with one hand and bring it up to your lips to drink. This can be tricky, and if you’re thirsty, it’s probably easier and safer to simply pull over where appropriate and take a break instead. This article isn’t intended to provide comprehensive legal advice, if you need more information, please contact your local road authority for detailed guidance.

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