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Is it Illegal to Use Hands Free Whilst Driving Your Skoda Octavia Wagon

Is it Illegal to Use Hands Free Whilst Driving Your Skoda Octavia Wagon
August 27, 2018 Ross Wells

The Skoda Octavia wagon 2018 models are excellent cars to drive around town and out on the highway. However, life doesn’t grind to a halt once we hit the road and it can be very tempting to take a message or answer our phones. Many drivers believe that it’s illegal to use even a hands free device when they are driving, and there is a lot of confusions surrounding this issue.

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The Australian Road Rules

In 2012 the Australian Road Rules were amended to criminalize using hand held phones when driving a car. However, using hands free devices to make calls is permitted if the driver can use the technology without touching their device in any way while driving. These road rules are a national set of laws that define what is legal and illegal on our roads, but the specific penalties can vary a great deal across the country. Also, the law in different states and territories can be applied differently for those drivers on learners permits and provisional licences.

In Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales the laws are quite similar. Here you can use a hands free phone if you are on a full licence, but not if you are on a learner permit or provisional licence. Penalties still vary as an example: in the Northern Territory a learner or provisional licence holder using a mobile phone would be subject to a $250 and three demerit points, but in New South Wales this would $330 and four demerit points. The rules in Queensland are quite different, learners and P1 provisional drivers under 25 years of age, cannot even use hands free, wireless headset or loudspeaker functions to use a mobile phone.

Here in Western Australia, all the rules applying to using hands free device while driving apply. However, according to the Western Australia Road Safety Commission, there is no distinction made between learners, provisional and full driving licence holders. It is perfectly legal for any driver to use a mobile hands free whilst driving.

Driver Distractions

It’s important to understand that although it’s legal to use a mobile phone hands free, driver distraction can still lead to a prosecution. If you’re observed driving erratically, you could still end up in trouble with the Police no matter what the cause was. For this reason, it’s a good idea to limit your mobile phone use while driving as much as possible. Also, it’s worth mentioning that drivers found to not be in full control of their vehicle during a crash could have their car insurance coverage affected.

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