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Perth City Skoda’s 2020 Superb Facelift Revealed for Q3 Release

The all-new Skoda’s 2020 Superb has received an extensive facelift, and every model in the range now has a fresh new look. However, the changes go deeper than skin deep, and there is plenty to look forward to for the Q3 release. 

The 2020 Skoda Superb will be the third generation of Skoda’s giant, range-topping saloon vehicle. In this incarnation, it is now larger than ever. Spun off the VW Group’s ubiquitous MQB platform, the Superb is 3cm longer and 5cm wider that its not-very-small predecessor, but with more space inside. 

The new look will build on the already aesthetically pleasing Superb’s 2019 models, and it’s hoped that this will raise the brand’s profile. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Superb lineup has to offer.

The Highlights of the Reveal

Skoda revealed the new Superb changes at a recent event in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Skoda’s 2020 Superb range will have subtle styling changes and even more technology to keep drivers happy. The new soft roading Scout model will join the range along with the hybrid iV plug-in car. The real surprise for attending car industry insiders was the timeframe with Skoda promising a Q3 rollout for their updated Superb range.

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An Exterior View

Every model in this revised Superb range will have updated features, such as narrower profile LED headlights, full LED tail-light clusters, and a deep front grille.

The front bumper has been restyled. This means that the hatchback is longer by 8 millimeters, with the wagon longer by 6 mm.

The model features narrower profile LED headlights. The older daytime running lights have been replaced by a state-of-the art matrix that is a full-LED arrangement, which is a first for Skoda. The front clusters are slimmer than the originals and have a wider, restyled corporate grille which has double slats to add to a more imposing look.

The model will now feature two new colours, which have been expertly added to the Superb palette; they are Race Blue and Crystal Black. 

The design of the 18” and 19” Superb alloy wheels have also been redesigned.

Another obvious change that has occurred at the back where the corporate logo used to be has now replaced by the “SKODA” lettering on the tailgate, which echoes a similar recent move on both the Kamiq and

Scala models.An Interior View

The cabin has new seat upholsteries on the trim levels. It also has decorative and chrome trims, which are for the dashboard and centre console. The coloured stitching has also been freshened up with seats that are now wrapped by Alcantra and leather. There is also divided storage compartments hidden in the false floor, which is located beneath the now-illuminated seats in the wagon variants. Some of the variants also have Chrome added to them. 

The controls for the new matrix LED headlights are within easy reach along with the new predictive cruise control controls.

An impressive new safety feature is the brand new emergency assist system that will safely steer the car to side of the road in the event there is an accident or a sudden need for the vehicle to remove itself from traffic. 

The best specified models have a large array of technological feats, the Superb’s state of the art features include a customistable digital display, a Canton stereo system, WiFi hotspot connectivity and a a 9.2” MIB3 infotainment system with vocal and gesture controls and wireless Apple CarPlay support.

A unique little feature you’ll discover (in the higher-spec Superbs at least) is an umbrella cunningly stowed within each of the front door, a feature only otherwise found in Rolls-Royce models!

Under the Bonnet

The European release will have three different turbocharged petrol engines; they are 1.5 litre (110kW), 2.0 litre (140kW) and 2.0 litre (200kW). There are also three turbo diesel engines to choose from; they are 1.6 litre (88kW), 2.0 litre (110kW) and 2.0 litre (140kW). At the moment we have no confirmation on which of these engines will be available for the Skoda Superb sale models in Australia.

The Plug-In Hybrid System

A first for the Skoda Production model is the adoption of a hybrid system which can be plugged in. Combining an electric motor (rated at 115 hp) with a 1.4 TSI and a DSG six-speed. 

The hybrid provides the Superb iV with a 218 hp output. With a 13-kWh battery pack, the car can travel for an approximate 34 miles (55 kilometers) without guzzling any fuel. If you also include the gasoline tank, there is a total range of 528 miles (850 km).

This variant of the Superb iV boasts an artificial sound generator which will alert road users about your car running electric mode. Support will also be added for updated over-the-air which will also introduce two assistance systems: Trailer Assist, which will help you in the event you are towing a trailer, and Area View, which comprises of four cameras that enab,e a 360-degree view of your car, and make your life easier if your car is relatively large and you might struggle to park it. 

Australian Release Information

Skoda Australia has announced that the new Superb range should be available here in Australia during Q3 of 2019. The facelifted Superb range will feature the latest Volkswagen Group MIB3 infotainment system that has wireless Apple CarPlay support. 

Sadly, the powertrains will be carried over; this means that it’s unlikely that we will get the plug-in hybrid iV in Australia any time soon. 

Skoda Australia has also ruled out the Superb Scout, which would have made an interesting addition to the lineup.

If you’re looking for Skoda’s 2020 Superb in Perth, contact Perth City Skoda to arrange a no obligation test drive today.

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